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    1/4" scale length difference v string tension

    Hi all. I have a Cordoba 20SM Soprano and a Ohana SK38. They are both strung with Living Waters strings and have similar string heights at the 12th fret. For some time I have been wondering why the Cordoba feels a little easier to play barre chords and play vibrato notes. I wrongly assumed...
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    Soprano D tuning Ohana sk38

    Having read somewhere that the original tuning for sopranos was D not C I thought I would give it a go. It sounds great on the Ohana SK38. Very punchy and suprisingly its also good for fingerstyle. It seems to sustain longer. I can't recall why standard tuning went from D to C. I think D...
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    Soprano case - wooden hardshell v sturdy alternative

    Apologies if this subject has been discussed many times but if it has please post any relevant links. I need some advice on cases. I leave my ukuleles on stands but I'm getting a custom built soprano that I want to keep handy but in a case. Its unlikely that it will travel much but I just want...
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    Ohana SK38 Solid Mahogany Soprano

    I bought this highly recommended Ukulele from Mim's Ukuleles in March 2019. Lightly played (mainly fingerstyle). Never gigged. Non smoking environment. It is in excellent condition other than a repaired hairline crack in the top right bout of the soundboard (see photo). The crack was wood...
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    Next choice after Kiwaya KTS-4/5?

    Given the current lack of inventory for these models can anyone recommend a similar all sold mahogany soprano around the same price. I've searched reviews but I'd be interested in suggestions from anyone that actually has a Kiwaya KTS-4 or 5 now and also own other mahogany sopranos that can...
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    D'addario Ukulele Capo issue

    I was wondering if anyone here has a D'addario ukulele capo and has experienced it leaving a distinct mark on the fretboard. I kept one on my Cordoba 20tmce at the first fret for a couple of weeks and I think the rubber they use has reacted with the fretboard. I have attached a photo. I also...
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    A crack!

    Along with a couple of Cordoba solid top 20 series Ukuleles which have aged tonally remarkably well, I have a Ohana SK38 all solid mahogany ukulele plus a solid top classical guitar from the 1980's. I have lived in Southern California since 2000 and along the way have owned several Martin...
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    Kiwaya KTS-4 US availability?

    I check the online sites that sell this model regularly and they have shown out of stocks for months now. I expect its the direct effect of Covid/lockdown. However, does anyone knows if the company is having other difficulties?
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    The Nylon "Iron Maiden" player moves on to the Ukulele(s)...
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    Iron Maiden in Ukulele anyone?
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    All you ever wanted to know about using picks/plectrums

    The excellent Phil Doleman just posted a great review of various picks and techniques for using them on the ukulele. Well worth a watch even if you are anti pick/plectrum.
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    Phil Doleman....great YouTube videos

    What a great teacher (and performer!) Phil Doleman is. His 2 minute tips plus all his freely educational videos on YouTube are imho an excellent resource. I have three of his tutorial books which are simple to follow and contain a wealth of information to help you understand Ukulele theory...
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    New Kiwaya KTS-4 availabilty

    I've been trying to find a new Kiwaya KTS-4 from any US retailer but have not yet tracked one down. Everywhere I have looked seems to be sold out. If anyone knows where one might be please let me know. Thanks all.
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    The Uke with clarinet - what a great combo!
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    UU Custom Ukulele

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed before but in case it hasn't: Some years ago the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum website developed their own guitar with design input from forum members. If my memory serves me well Martin actually made a limited run. It would be interesting to see what a...