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  • Yes, I hang out at SE Ukers on FB (as Jas Ingram). That's really where most of the action is as far as planning. I'm not really in the Decatur area, but might try to make it.
    One more person is interested in meeting up maybe this weekend. I invited Cyndi Craven since she was running things at Karvana in Oakhurst last time and because she's an excellent person. want to let me know what your timing etc looks like for the weekend? decaturcomp at gmail dot com if you'd like to use email. are you on the SEUKERS group on FB? Know any other folks who are local? Thanks.
    Hey mate, that link you sent on our wall doesn't seem to want to work ? Am I doing something wrong at all?
    Oh yeah, I plan on coming up to hang out. Newnan is getting so big now. Its not the same little town.
    Haha, thank you! And, not really, I just have crazy ideas, and the help of a couple of talented friends who don't mind staying up all hours with me working on them. It was all filmed on my regular Canon digital camera. Not too bad for a digicam. (And, it's one of the reasons I am behind on another certain project, which will be remedied quickly!)
    I don't know if you've considered this, but you should not only make a music submission to the UU Compilation Benefit CD, but an artwork donation, as well. I saw your Rocky Raccoon vid, nicely done. If I may suggest, a comic book hero theme would be right up your alley.

    Best wishes,
    thanks! so you're from stockbridge? that's not too far from me! my mom teaches in coweta county.
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