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  • I had a fluke :) I traded it for a flea. The fluke was too big. You will indeed have to play a few on this thing .. it is LOUD ... and sounds nice too.
    Thanks for message, Captain. Nice to meet you.
    I live with in the city of Stockbridge, too. My mailing address is McDonough.

    Have you been playing a while? I just started about a month ago.

    Do you know if I can make a banner for FB and insert a hyperlink? If so, what format would I choose?
    Do you know what the brand on that baritone was? I doubt that I will be able to get over the west side on Saturday. Unfortunately my back yard looks like Vietnam and the chores are just about out of control - so I had better sacrifice fun for duty. :-(
    I love your Mainland barn - what a great photoshop job. I wish I had a pic big enough to use as my desktop wallpaper. That's one reason I made that collage - so I could have it on the desktop. It makes an awesome wallpaper for my Blackberry, though!

    And it would make a great T-Shirt!
    when would you say rock city was a .. point of interest? Before cars? haha. Maybe it's just my generation, not very impressed by it. Or perhaps I lack the appreciation required to enjoy a city made of eroded rocks and caves.
    need some help. I can not get the banner to display in my sig line. I was able to get a link but i can not get the image to appear.
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