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  • they just emailed me yesterday saying that they are ready to start working on it....i'm calling today to order it, i'll keep you updated =)
    Sorry to be so late in getting back to you. I'm still learning this forum stuff. No I didn't have any trouble with it. I don't think she even noticed She just said "did you build that one"? No honey it just appeared.
    Great fun the other day and I hope to get together with you guys again. I sure learn more when I see it in person.
    Again thanks
    I am doing well with the Mainland! I have been using some lessons from YouTube and have actually learned some songs.
    Ha ha ha! Yeah, right. I am very pleased with the purchase, although there are condition issues. The only real problem with it is some cracks in the soundboard. They do not seem to affect the sound, but I am going to glue and cleat them. The action is very low, but there is no buzz. It's pretty loud, unlike my Marca Aquila, which is sweet and resonant, but not loud. We think the soundboard might be cedar - but not sure. It could be spruce. I am looking forward to fixing it up and getting those new Aquila strings on it.

    By the way, you rock! I really enjoyed hanging out with you on Saturday. I wish we had had more time to jam on the harmonica. I need to do what you have done in having a bunch of them in different keys. I really appreciate that you are not afraid to sing. You can tell that I like to sing as well - I just wish I could sing and play at the same time. I am rhythmically challenged. Anyway, God bless! I hope I will be able to post some video featuring my mystery uke soon.
    Capt'n, I be inquirin' whether you be havin a facebook or nay? If ye swabber haves one, would you so kindly allows me to join ye ship of fellows in celebration of our salutations eh? I be on there as mike hu at uga. You can't miss me colors and me hat arrr:)
    I sure am! I don't have an instrument yet but I am looking forward to meeting everyone.
    Thanks Capt! I checked out your webpage looking for uke stuff and found some awesome art work instead, your a man of many talents I see :D Cool!
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