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  • Hi Tony!!!
    I can't find anymore on youtube some covers you made as "Stuck in the middle with you" and "Lola"!I really liked them,they were very inspirational for me!I really like your style and your arrangements!:S Can I find them somerwhere else maybe???Thanks fot all and greets from Italy!
    Hey there Tony
    I've just been building a home here as well as my nest on facebook and just came across your name again.
    Greetings from Jen in Oz :)
    Ah, yeah, and "Dirkli" I was called by some friends when we had been to Switzerland. They love to add the "-li" to all kind of words. For example: "Mountain" in German is "Berg" and in Switzerland they call it "Bergli". So... after our trip we were all "-lis"...
    Then one day I discovered, that the domain "" was still free. (.li is for Lichtenstein) and so I registered the domain. Now you can write me at "".

    Ok... that's the entire story... :)
    *lol* It sort of happened so suddenly - getting involved with YT and UU that I didn't think about using the same nick on both platforms (the beginning of my "social internet activities" were a little muddled...) My YT account had been set up and named by my girl-friend who uploaded my first song (since I was so ignorant at that time and only a passive YT watcher). She also selected the name "mugambismonkey" for me according to the title of my very first song "Mugambi's Monkeys". It took me half a year until I actually started making and uploading videos... I had to ask her for the username / password for my YT channel... and I kept the name. :) Now you know the story.
    Hey there, where abouts in Yorkshire are you from? I used to live there myself!
    hey tony it's noa got a random question for ya: did you or did you not draw your avatar?????????:confused::shaka:
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