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    DIY kits revisited

    So, having some time on my hands has got me thinking about building a kit. I've done some searching and there's not much new content on the topic, so hence the new post. I fancy adding a baritone (tuned GCEA) to my collection, but the choices are limited, especially as I fancy a spruce top...
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    Converting 4 string Concert to 5 strings

    ...... is what I'm going to do! It was a choice between my roundback Tenor and my Aria Concert, so I've decided to go the less conventional route and do a 5 string Concert. I'll detail my work / findings here, but first a couple of questions before I start : 1. I'm assuming the double G...
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    Traitional Tattoo help

    I'm in the process of designing a new half sleeve and I need some guidance on traditional designs, in terms of what I can and can't use in order not to cause offence. It won't be a complete traditional piece, but will have some elements in it, but I don't want to have something done that isn't...
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    Fixing Up East-Start Archtop

    How about this roller bridge? Surely there's someone out there with the ability to machine a new block that would then bolt straight onto the existing saddle? I'd pay for something like that, for sure!
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    WTB - 5 String Uke

    As the title says really. Open to pretty much anything. What have you got? :D
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    Little Epiphone Les Paul around the world ....... sort of!

    It took some doing, but I managed to fit it in my case! ;-)
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    Did you miss me?

    What do you mean, 'no'? LOL Just checking in from (sometimes sunny) Camp Bastion. Been here just over a week now, so I'm just settling in. Thankfully, it's been pretty sedate around here so far ...... I'm working with a bunch of GIs, mostly from the Southern States, and I have to say, they're...
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    NUD - Fender 52

    Although I've not had too much free time to play, I've had a quick go through my Vox Mini3 and the sound is great, with little / zero feedback, which I guess reflects well on the Fishman electrics. Not struck on the Aquilas, but they will have to wait till Summer to get changed out, as I leave...
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    Happy Christmas to one and all

    Thought I'd get this in early - but seems plenty of others have already said it! Anyway - Happy Christmas to each and every one of you - hope Santa brings everything you've asked him for and you all have a great holiday! :D
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    Any deploying military on here?

    I leave for Bastion/Leatherneck in January - if anyone will be around those parts for the first half of next year, then please drop me a PM, as it would be nice to see if we can meet up..... I've already got a couple of guys from the unit I'm going over with who either already have ukes, or...
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    NUD - Fender 52

    My Fender 52 Tele arrived today! It's been on back order since early November - and as it's a Christmas pressie, I only took it out of the box long enough to check it wasn't damaged and have a quick play - but first impressions are good! (Sorry - no pics till Santa gives it to me!) Finish is...
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    Shipping and duties to APO / BFPO???

    Just thinking out loud here, but can any of the retailers / traders on here give me any details about their experiences of shipping from the US to either BFPO or APO addresses? I already know that goods shipped to BFPO don't incur VAT, so I'm assuming goods shipped to APO don't incur whatever...
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    WTB - Epiphone Mandobird IV

    Been trying to source one of these - but obviously they're discontinued! Anyone happen to have one they no longer want? Prefer UK based seller, but will happily pay for the extra shipping if no such beast exists over here .... :D
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    Want a new amp - have got a shortlist - your opinions please

    Laney Linebacker LR5 Behringer GM108 V-Tone Vox Mini 3 Roland Microcube To be honest, they all seem much of a muchness to me, and all come from good makers, with similar modelling specs and price range, so is one a 'stand out'? Cheers in advance. :D
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    Which K Brand?

    Just came across this vid whilst day dreaming about a new uke : For what it's worth, I preferred #2 and #5 - would I be right in saying that they are (respectively) Ko'alou and Koaloha?