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    Season 506-Now, THAT'S scary...

    there's nothing scarier than loneliness
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    Season 505 - S-P-E-L-L-I-T-O-U-T

    I-H-A-T-E-Y-O-U a song from Alice Cooper's latest album Detroit Stories (it's not quite the song you may at first take it for, as 'Alice' explains in this video: )
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    Shirts off! ... It's Iggy Pop time!
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    Season #502 - Look What They've Done To My Song Ma!

    Right from their first days on Rutland Weekend Television, has there ever been another 'parody' like The Rutles that was so good? (i don't even like using the word in relation to them) With Neil Innes writing the songs, it may even be not much of a stretch to say that the talent is not that far...
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    Season 501 - Forever In Blue Jeans

    i couldn't do the 500 season because my computer was broken but hopefully it's fixed now, so for the 'jeans' season i'll bring this one from Conway Twitty ...
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    Season... ONLY 499! Limited time offer!

    i'm bringing Shania Twain's song about consumerism to this week's theme of buying stuff ...
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    Season 498: We Will Mend It

    some pilots' gallows-humour from both world wars ... repairing shot-down planes with the parts removed from their pilot's bodies
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    Season 498: We Will Mend It

    sometimes it's people that get replaced for an upgrade ...
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    Season 480 - I don't normally like tomatoes, John...but this is delicious!

    Normally i would generally listen to 50/60/70/80s rock / rock and roll, with a little bit of country thrown in. I'm not one for cheesy pop music, however i always had a soft spot for Dollar ... or maybe it was just a teenage crush on Thereza Bazar ;) So for this week's theme, Maria and I are...