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    Two Fremont Bags

    Fremont Tenor Bag - NO LONGER AVAILABLE **ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Fremont Tenor - excellent condition. Inside dimensions.... approx 25"x10" Neck support block is secured by velcro and can be repositioned as needed. I'm asking $35 I'm in L.A. area, so if you're local, we can...
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    Central Coast CA

    I'm going to be driving up the CA coast on Sunday July 19 (in a week). I won't be in a hurry, and I'm wondering if there are any ukulele groups that happen to be gathering on Sunday afternoon anywhere from Ventura to San Luis Obispo? I realize most gatherings in CA are severely curtailed at the...
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    Ukulele Hats

    Like these hats, proudly worn by some of my classroom ukuleles????
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    NUD - Martin T1K

    A new family member came home today! I love the way it feels, sounds and looks - maybe especially the color variation on the back. This one's going to be my main go-to for a long time. Can't wait to break it in at the LA Ukulele Festival in a few weeks :)
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    FS - Fluke Tenor

    NOTE: I'm sorry, but I forgot to mention the Fluke has had a strap button installed. It was professionally installed by the luthier at McCabe's Guitars in Santa Monica. A very small block of wood was placed inside at the bottom, and a hole was drilled through the ukulele bottom into the...
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    FS - Fluke Tenor

    I'm thinning my herd, and I'm ready to sell this Fluke Tenor, in a Fremont case. Currently strung with Fremont Black strings, although I've previously used Worth Clear, and they also sounded great. Standard Fluke friction tuners. I've had it since early 2014. It's in great condition, although...
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    FS - Gretsch Tenor, G9121

    I'm thinning the herd, and I'm ready to sell this Gretsch tenor. I've had it since early 2015. Mahogany laminate, Fishman pickup, excellent condition. Also includes original Gretsch padded gig bag (although I've kept it in a hard case). I've added strap buttons; otherwise it's just like it was...
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    NUD - Ohana SK-35

    My favorite (and only) daughter got me this new baby from Mim! Looks cool, and plays great. It's my first Mim's ukulele; I'm sure it won't be my last.
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    Putting Out Feelers - Trade My Fluke for a Flea?

    Just checking to see if anyone's interested... I have a green tenor Fluke, about 4 years old. It's in great condition, but lately I've been interested in possibly getting a Soprano or Concert Flea. I'm not playing the Fluke all that much (since I have a handful of other ukuleles). The Fluke is...
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    Martin String Mis-Labeling

    I ordered a few sets of Martin tenor strings from Strings & Beyond, the same brand I always use on this particular ukulele. If you look at the photo of the outer package, and the photo of the white envelopes, you'll notice the names and dimensions of the strings don't match. The A & G, and the C...
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    Case for a Fluke

    ]107081[/attach] Sorry - I post photos so rarely, I always have problems when I try to remember how to upload them! Anyway, it's a cool case.
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    New Idea for Signing My Classroom Uke

    I teach K-8th music, and grades 3 and older have a chance to learn ukulele, a little. But starting in 6th grade, they play it a lot more. Each student gets a ukulele to take home for the school year. In my classroom, I have several ukuleles sitting around for decor reasons, and one of them is...
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    Kamaka Pineapple, Gold Label

    I'm selling my Kamaka Pineapple. Its a gold label model, which puts the age between the late 50's and early 1970's. Great condition, and includes a new Kamaka pineapple hard case. Asking $400. If you're local to LA area, maybe we can avoid shipping. Thanks!
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    Putting out Feeler.... Trade my Kamaka Gold Pineapple for Martin S1

    Just seeing if this is a possibility... I have a Kamaka Gold Label Pineapple, built sometime between the mid-50's and late 60's. I bought it used, had the bridge reglued by a professional luthier here in the LA area. I love this ukulele - but, after playing some Martin S1's, I think I would use...
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    Hard Case for Pono TT-4 Tahitian Style Tenor

    This isn't a hardshell case, but it's an extremely rugged, stiff padded case by Fremont. I keep my Fluke in it, and because of the unique shape of your Pono, it may be an option. It comes in different sizes and the internal neck block is moveable, so you can get a pretty snug fit. I got it from...