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    FS: Beltona Resonator Concert Uke

    Love the Paua design!
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    Chinese east start ukulele?

    Hello, I stumbled across this auction down here in NZ and wondered about the description. It is advertised as an Tenor ukulele - what do you ukulelists out there think?
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    Beltona ukulele I thought the one off uke at a great price might be of interest to any of you enthusiasts.
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    What Year was this Kamaka made?

    Hello to all of you, I was lucky enough to purchase this old soprano down here in NZ. The nice person I brought it off had no clue about its History or when it was made. Please any input is appreciated.
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    Mystery Uke.

    I found this thing on e-bay, And I am intrigued - I see a Regal mahogany uke with some "upgrades". What do any of you think or know about this one?
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    ID this no-name vintage mahogany soprano

    Or it could be Japanese made - I love simplicity in design and amongst my favourites are the old bruekos in that regard. Holy crap....pushed that image load button like a lunatic... examplnunesloe
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    Suzuki Pineapple Help/info.

    Hi there, I found this thing the other day and could not find any info about it. Does anyone know anything about it! Its got wooden tuners and looks like it could have been made in the 1920's
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    Washburn Ukulele reborn?

    Just found this - anyone knows more about it?
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    Vintage Johnny Marvin Tenor (Concert) Ukulele- Restored $400

    They where consistent - the neck on the earlier model with the airplane bridge is identical - I guess nice and slim is relative to the size of your hands. Best Concert i have ever played -
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    Busking and Begging

    Anything goes in my view - we have the choice of donating or not. The picture is Dieter Meier from Yello in New York.
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    Name that vintage ukulele

    You might be able to spot. The name richter stamped on the back brace inside the uke.
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    Is that a Harmony?
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    Detailed info about Bruce Wei Arts Vietnam ukes on eBay

    Amazing array of rides! I would have loved to try the Lilac and the MV. I got my passion for bikes from my grandad. He had a motosacoche 850 with a sidecar. Learned on a condor 580 and owned a ktm 250 a 1982 suzuki katana 750 and my favorite the kawasaki z550 turned racebike - did one season in...
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    Detailed info about Bruce Wei Arts Vietnam ukes on eBay

    And there I was thinking Kwakas are only ridden by girls.