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  • I don't know, there should be a concert of the UOGB at that time, but it seems they cancelled it...
    hey! how was hawaii? yeh things are taking off eh! Shame it hasn't caught on in Spain yet - they are still obsessed with 80s music so you could have another 20 years before they get there hehe (let's hope not!!)
    Hope you're good!
    hey there! sorry - i was in cadiz for less time than expected and i didnt really have a chance to do all of what i wanted to do!!! If im back out there (as i didnt get the job!) ill let ya know!! have fun and hope you find someone to uke with soon!!! :)
    if you are in london on wednesday night the uke wednesday club is good
    right in the center of london , downstiars at the george pub, just off the charing cross road
    darn it. i am working from 1430 to 2200 all those days
    if you are near heathrow thats were i will be
    It's getting made at Kanile'a but Mike is auth. dealer. Its a K3 Tenor, look at the pics in the album, its just like that but with honu fret markers and zebra wood rosette.
    Btw...what kind of uke are you picking up from MGM. I'm there every-so-often to get supplies, ukes, etc.
    Okay. Cool. I live in Mililani Mauka. Just over the mountain from Kailua. :p
    Hey Chiz how's it going. Like Kanaka said, I usually attend here. We just go somewhere and play music usually off sheets....too old to memorize everything! hahaha. Actually 3 of us here on Oahu get together whenever we have one.....Kaneohetillthe end....experimentjon...and myself. We usually try to do with when Aldrine is in town too!

    As far as happenings on the island, the big one will be the Ukulele Festival on July 19th.

    I don't know if this one started yet, but Roy Sakuma is having a program called "wildest show in town" or something like that. Every Wednesday, I believe starting at 4:30, someone will be performing at the Honolulu Zoo. $3 or $4 entry for some awesome music. I don't have the lineup but I know Jake will be performing on one of those days. I 'll see if I can find the line up and get back to you.

    When are you in town?
    Dino is one of the Hawai'i members and he usually attends the get togethers. See this thread and you can PM him
    Hey, I posted the chords somewhere on UU... it's A (0012) C#m7 (4444) Dsus2 (0022) Dm7 (3122) in the verse, A (4546) C#m7 (4444) Cm7 (3333) Bm7 (2222) Dm7 (5555) in the chorus.

    Well, the Baritone is tuned DGBE, five half steps lower than standard G. So the shapes used for playing are the same, though the chords are on different shapes. for example: if you play the C chord on the Baritone you get a G (five half steps lower...), G is D, D is A and so forth.

    thanks for your kind words!
    ah rota is it......if i go back i'd prob be workin in el puerto but i'd like to live in cadiz......i'll see how it certain thing for the job tho!!! How's life over there? Hope all good.
    hey! looks like im headin to cadiz / el puerto mid june......will u be around? i will only be around for a few days but it's to find out about a possible job!! what r u doin up in rota? on the base by any chance? :) cheers
    hey....i lived in el pto for a year and am thinking about going to live in cadiz in the near future...if i do end up there i will give you a shout!! where exactly are u?
    que disfrutes!
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