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    Entry to Mid Level Soprano or Concert Uke Suitable for the Blues ?

    It's so .. Ukulele Underground of this place to reply to a question asking "Entry to Mid Level Soprano or Concert Uke Suitable for the Blues" by suggesting a Martin. All the original blues musicians played what was available or made it themselves. Many (most) of these instruments would be...
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    Mele travel guitar?

    Seems like rather a lot to me. If you want to do the transition from uke to guitar, why not just get a proper guitar? If that's the sound you're looking for, you can pick up a pretty decent guitar for less.
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    Acoustic-Electric.... Any caveats?

    No negative impact, probably, but there is the caveat that the one you get may or may not be setup properly or sound nice. Always try and play the one you want to see what it sounds like. If you can't play yet, take another player or ask whoever is selling it to show it to you.
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    The rising cost of "hand"made ukes

    The correct answer is that ukuleles are really a price per hour spent playing, so the purchase cost is more or less irrelevant.
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    Hey from Bix

    The uke is consenting, you are consenting. Who is the victim? Welcome to UU Bixb.
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    SOTU 531 -- Name Dropping

    No one else is awake yet, and I am feeling a bit silly. Time to break out the kazoos. My dad loves Neil Diamond. This was written about Caroline Kennedy, daughter of John F Kennedy. Who knew?
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    Theories and Ideas on why I sound better on a much less expensive Ukuele

    A more experienced player would be able to give you an idea if it is you or the new instrument. Where do you live? Is there another UUer nearby who could help?
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    Am I Just Too Uncoordinated to Do This?

    If you can't play it at 1/4 speed, you can't play it. Also, remember if you practice getting something wrong you are actually doing negative practice. You will graduate from queen of the downstrum soon enough.
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    Larger Sopranos

    A vita uke would be the obvious choice. I had one of these for a while - gave it away in the end. Very loud!
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    Thinking about a style 3

    Play the one you want to buy. There is a big chance that you won't like it as much as what you already have.
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    Vivarium: initially great, but degenerated into a pile of crap

    You're not a day older than me. Unless we chopped ourselves in half to count the rings.
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    Ohana SK-25S vs SK-35S

    I was (albeit briefly) a dealer for Ohana. Out of my first batch of 14 one was very good, one sounded awful and the bridge was coming off one. The rest were average. You should never judge an instrument by its looks.
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    Ohana SK-25S vs SK-35S

    The SK35 is "premium" mahogany, the SK25 is "normal" mahogany. The S means satin finish. The alternative is G, or gloss finish. It's the same thickness of finish but there's a matting agent. Like all mass-produced Asian manufactured ukes Ohana quality control is pretty variable. You can get a...
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    Outdoor Ukulele should do a 5 stringed version

    Dont worry about it.
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    season 525 - needs and wants

    Someone's got to do this. I love Irving Berlin, but this isn't my favourite song of his - it sounds too whingy. Still, here it is. After you get what you want (you don't want it). Chords downloaded from the Internet, I've never played them before - just wanted to get in with a video when I had...