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    Jet 10-20 conveyor won't adjust to center

    I found this, Lubrication is discussed at about 1:16. The crazy thing is you just aim a squirt bottle at the general location of the bushing and squirt. Doesn't say how much doesn't explain why that is effective, but that's what I'm going to.
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    Jet 10-20 conveyor won't adjust to center

    Well thank you all! It seems like what they want you to do is squirt some oil in the direction of the bushings. I have no idea how that works or why, but that roller spins smoothly now. And I gave the drum a good blowing out (what a dust storm!) and oiled the elevation screw. The manual says...
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    Jet 10-20 conveyor won't adjust to center

    Okay, I downloaded a manual and I see right there in black and white it says lubricate the conveyor bushings and check for wear. There are other points of maintenance detailed as well. Since I picked this used machine up four or more years ago I haven't done anything to it. So the Jet tech whom...
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    Jet 10-20 conveyor won't adjust to center

    How does one tell of the oilite bushings have gone bad? With no belt on, the un-driven roller doesn't spin but requires help to turn. Doesn't that mean something? I'd think it should have little or no drag. Also, I would assume if I switch the belt end for end and it crawls away from the...
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    Jet 10-20 conveyor won't adjust to center

    Thanks, Ken! I'll certainly check this out. Something has slipped, broken, or worn out I suspect.
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    Jet 10-20 conveyor won't adjust to center

    All of a sudden I found that my conveyor belt was drifted way toward the motor end of my Jet 10-20 Drum Sander. So I loosened things up and positioned it manually. It simply wants to go inward and it seems like there's nothing I can do about that. Have any of you seen this sort of an issue? I...
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    New Fence and thin sides

    What platform are you using? Apple or Windows? If you're using the Chrome processor you may be able to find your passwords. You can PM me if that is the case and I can walk you through that.
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    Apple wood?

    Any of you folks ever used apple wood in ukulele building? Upside? Downsides? Thanks!
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    Wanna hear something funny?

    A friend asked me to build him a "quality" soprano ukulele! I have built 2 tenor ukuleles!! I should say "NO", right? But why do I find myself tempted??!
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    Hot hide glue -a significant investment of money

    I believe a good number of builders use HHG and I was given a can with enough left to fiddle with (no pun...). But as I look on the internet, I see dollar signs connected to this process, at least to begin with. One could easily be in this nearly $200 to simply try it out. Anybody have a...
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    gluing bridge questions

    I didn't mask off for the bridge like I should have and have finished the Koa top with Tru-Oil. I am preparing to scrape the finish off where the bridge will go and glue it down. If I recall, I used fish glue for my other build. The bridge is Ebony. Any best choices in glue? Thanks, folks!
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    Yet another mess-up

    I thought I would do an update. Here are some shots of the Tru-Oil thus far. I've got four coats on each surface. I see a run on a shoulder in a photo. There is still a bit of a dip on the bottom edge of the top from when I overzealously tried to fix some imperfection. The reason I didn't stand...
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    How much should a bridge weigh?

    I saw where a guitar builder weighs his bridges and has a target weight range for them. Got me curious; this tenor Ebony bridge weighs 14 grams. What means that? Do you put any store in heavier, lighter, denser, etc.? How about footprint? This one is about 3 1/4" long by a short inch wide by...
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    Yet another mess-up

    Here is what that top is looking like.
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    Yet another mess-up

    I'm not even going to mention all the feelings I have experienced the past day or so. I'm humbling myself again to ask for help. Please tell me it gets better. I was excited that the uke is in the finishing stage. I had bought and applied 3 coats of Aqua Coat as a pore-filler (with little...