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    Which renowned Luthier uses x bracing?

    There's a beautiful Oulcraft baritone on Ukulele Friend with X bracing:)
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    what are you reading?

    Theroux's "Under the Wave at Waimea."
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    Dynamite bts

    Hi! Does anyone know where to get sheet music or tabs for Dynamite? Thanks for any help! (Really fun video and they also appeared very recently on NPR: Tiny Desk Concerts.)
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    Greetings! Does anyone know if Oulcraft is still making ukuleles? And if so, where they are sold...? Thanks for any info:)
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    KAMAKA Concert White Label

    Nice old original Kamaka Concert White Label in original orange furry case. Bought used 2 years ago from reputable dealer in Honolulu for $900. Asking $500 plus shipping OBO due to anniversary present from my husband (new Kamaka!). No visible cracks but there is a raised edge on back that I can...
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    Mystery Words on Old Ukulele...Another Picture

    Here's another picture! Thanks to all:)
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    Mystery Words on Old Ukulele

    Greetings! After 2 years of ownership, I'm still trying to figure out what these words on the back of the headstock are:) The last of the 3 lines is "Made in Hawaii" but I can't figure out the first 2 lines at all. Maybe someone out there has seen this before? Thanks for any help you may...
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    Best Case for 1980s Kamaka Ohta San

    Hi and thanks in advance! What is the best case to use at home with the occasional broadside from kids and dogs with consequent floor-drop to cement? :)
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    Best Strings for Older 5-string Concert Ukulele

    Hi! There are SO many strings and I'm afraid if I order the ones that are "best" for a tenor ukulele I might torque or otherwise demolish this older ukulele. I wanted to use hi G/low G then CEA. I almost ordered the TI CF30 and CF27 then a set of D'Addario Pro-Arte concert carbon strings...