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  • Hi! I love your signature line! Thought I would say hello as I have a blue Dolphin as well (Fifi Bonne-Soirée). Do you really have a uke named Zsa Zsa?
    Thanks for posting the link about Japanese embroidery. My husband and I may be going to DC for his spring break, and I've put the exhibition link in my trip folder. (We enjoyed a 5-week visit to Japan many years ago.) I've done a lot of quilting and my most dramatic art piece used Japanese-design fabric.
    P.S. I have a Kala Watermelon and am not totally happy with the sound of the Aquila strings on it. Did you say you have Martin strings on your Kiwi? Any Martins? Or something specific? Thanks!
    I'm *seriously* thinking of getting an aNueNue U900 bear pineapple ukulele! Was there any problem with setup? Was the action high when you got it?
    Cool! I should be there next Sunday. I'll bring my Kala Kiwi pineapple. I put Martin strings on it, and it now has a sweet, delicate sound. Those Martins are easier to play than the icky Hilos that were on it. I can almost hit the Bb.
    That's the one I go to! I usually just go to the beginner meetups though, I've only made it to one jam session.
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