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    Flea at 14,000 feet !

    I came across a documentary called "Mile...Mile and a Half" this morning that was pretty awesome. It follows the story of a group of hikers traversing the John Muir Trail way up in the Sierras in California. They started out with a group of four people and kept on adding folks they befriended...
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    Harry Dean Stanton RIP

    From "Cool Hand Luke" to "Repo Man" and beyond...
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    Emergency Ukuleles at Burning Man Perhaps one of the greatest ideas ever???
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    Happy Anniversary Uke Hunt!

    Congratulations and many thanks for ten years of the best ukulele site on this planet. :bowdown::worship::cheers::music:
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    Don Rickles RIP

    RIP. Don Rickles was one of the truly great comedians.
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    G String (Wound) is digging into the saddle

    I changed strings on my Kala arch top tenor a couple of days ago. The original Worth browns were replaced by Aquilas with a wound low G string. I have been strumming it hard using a pick. Last night I noticed that the G string is digging into the saddle badly. Anybody have any experience with...
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    Great Show on PBS does a piece on Kamaka with some guy name of Jake Very fascinating show. :drool:
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    Double Neck

    Wow! It sure is purty...
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    Kamaka fabricated in Japan ?

    A Kamaka pineapple with a sticker saying "Fabricated By Kamaka Japan"?
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    From NPR

    The Kentucky Sisters are pretty cool. :cheers:
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    Just had my hip replaced!

    Here I sit in the hospital.... Anybody else have a hip replacement done and can offer some wisdom, advice, or a good joke? I'm looking forward to recovery and a return to cycling, running, and just not being in pain. Hopefully, I'm going home this afternoon. A little picking and grinning on...
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    Banjo and Ukulele Festival in Tucson AZ!.html Del Rey will be there!:drool:
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    Pohaku Askew

    Just saw this on Tumblr: Pretty cool.
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    Ooooh La La

    I just saw this one on their site.:drool:
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    Volcano Ukuleles? Anybody Have Information?

    They are now in Northern Arizona. I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with their instruments. Thanks!