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    That's right. I got a frickin mandolin

    Not really sure how it happened. Saw one on a craigslist type website, there was a very, very cheap mandolin for sale, and I couldn't help myself. It's a Starsun (from what I gather on the internet, it's a laminate wood and made in china) bit dirty and dusty, but all the parts work for the most...
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    Fringe opening theme

    Love the show, love the theme. Here's my attempt at covering it? Haven't been around the forums much recently, so wish everyone a Happy Holidays!
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    So...What was your first major ukulele 'acident'?

    I guess I should consider myself lucky in many respects, as I've been playing the ukulele for more than 1.5 years, and only yesterday did a ukulele accident finally happen to me. I was hanging out with my nephew, and everything was dandy, right up until he accidentally stepped on my backpacker...
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    Caprica Opening Theme

    Love BSG, but haven't figured out how to make a uke verison of that theme song. :D So, Caprica it is! The video is from a few months back - I was going to try and work out a more complicated rendition, but still haven't! So, yep, uploaded it anyway.
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    Where to buy nuts?

    Ukulele nuts, that is. Not cashews. Where can I buy nuts (and/or bridges) for a soprano uke -separately (not in a build package) -online -that are available internationally (so, will ship outside of the US)? Thanks! (I realize this might have been asked many times, but "nuts" is common of a...
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    UOGB - Fly me off the Handel

    Anyone who has tabs for Fly Me Off the Handel (especially the beginning part)? Just saw them a week ago and this is absolutely my favorite of all. Thanks!
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    Late Night with Conan O'Brien

    Or "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien", but a. it's sad to think about that now, and b.the Late Night theme had a better beginning. Any ideas? I'm stuck after the first couple of bars.
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    controling volume

    This is kind of a silly question, but how do I control how loud or how soft I'm strumming/plucking? Obviously strumming harder warrants a louder sound and vice versa; but is there a special way to practice (or a particular way one plucks/strums that will ensure the resulting volume to be loud...
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    Specific wound string brands

    I know, another strings thread! But I've looked around for this info and can't find it for the ukulele size in question. I have a concert size eleuke, and I'd like to buy some wound strings for it (for the low G and if possible, the C string as well, though from what I've read, wound C strings...
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    back panel busting out of eleuke

    Bear with me, here's what happened: The back panel of the eleuke was fine at first. It was jutting a bit out from where it's supposed to be, so silly me unscrewed 3 of the 4 screws (I couldn't unscrew the last screw, it was so tight) to try and reposition it better. I was unable to position the...
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    Frente! - Lonely

    Can anyone help with the chords or tabs? I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out what the in between/subtle-r chords are(like at the beginning, where it's Dm-Am, but there's something in between it), and also the key shift as well. Here's the song: Frente - Lonely...
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    Foolproof pluck patterns

    Hi! I've been playing some slow/sad songs,and couldn't find a fitting strum pattern that would fit the song. So I've been plucking arppegios out instead to go with the songs. Which is fine, but it does get a bit dull after a while when it's just do-me-so-me-so-me, or do-me-so-me-do-so. Plus...
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    4 Kalas - which one?

    Stricty from a bang for buck perspective, and assuming everything else other than the uke itself is equal, which Kala concert, in your opinion, is the best value for the price? Kala solid spruce top (130 ish) Kala all solid mahogany (190 ish) Kala mahogany series black concert/tenor with pickup...
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    A question on a certain type of crack/splinter

    Hi! I have question about a breakage inside my uke, hope you can help me with it. The uke in question is a new one that I've got for about 7 weeks, made of solid ohai wood. I found a breakage/splinter on the inside surface of just one of the top side panel - at about the 'waist' (bending out to...
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    OMG I can't believe this! Pono Ohais!! *shakes fist*

    OMG I can't believe this!*shakes fist* Vahn! I understand your pain now. Well, not exactly, because it's not the same problem, but... Last night, while changing my strings, I've discovered some kind of breakage on the inside of the side panel on my 7 week old Pono Ohai concert ukulele. The...