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  • Hello, Coke can. I thought that I had already accepted this friend request, but I guess it didn't save.

    Good to have a pal! Thanks for the invite
    Cool Cokecan:) Thanks 4 the praise and friendship! Sounds like your wife is pretty groovy being in a play with Albert Apollo the ukulele playing Ape;)
    No worries - I realise it's a bit of a long trek for you. Fair enough. If you do fancy it the next one is Thurs 2 Dec :)

    Best wishes
    Hello Cokecan,

    I saw you're in Kent. I think we might have already had a conversation on the Cosmos? I can't quite remember.

    I just wanted to invite you along to our regular jam night if you can get all the way to Maidstone. It's tomorrow night, I'm sorry for the short notice. If you fancy it, you're more than welcome, someone will lend you the chord sheets.

    Have a look on our MySpace page if you're interested:

    Best wishes
    Anna :)
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