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  • Hey, I met and jammed with UUer Nick from PA last night. He holds a monthly jam at his place in Jim Thorpe, PA the first Thursday of the month. We were also talking about setting up a monthly jam at the Wildflower Cafe in Bethlehem, PA.
    Yo! 'Creep' after dark in the square was epic! That juggler dude was lovin' on you :D When we gonna jam again?!?!
    You rock. I roll. :) Thanks for posting the vids! I will get off of my lazy booty and get you the photos off of my camera :)
    hahaha...the MAIN problem with having the Kamaka is trying to convince the Mrs that I need other ukes!!! When I bought the Kamaka, the store owner almost put me out of business when he said, now you have the top uke, there are none better. I almost choked him!!!! LOL
    dude, you need to clean out your UU inbox! I sent you those pictures to your email... no pickguard yet, though. I'll hook you up when I get some pictures of that.
    I did that a long time ago...shortly after Seeso first posted the challenge. I really need to do something else now...
    Sweet baby jeebus, don't joke about that! *gag*


    I'll check your ukulele tonight at the jam and finish the doodle on screen.

    Well, you gotta come to the Jam so I can finish it, brother! You buggered off, so I couldn't go on!
    Plus, I need to peep your uke for the pic.
    Now, about the fairy wings... do you want them to be purple or lilac in the picture?
    Howdy Colin from Jen in Sydney Oz.
    So glad to have met you at UWC.
    See you next year, meanwhile - happy uke-ing!
    Happy Fathers Day Colin! I hope you are with Kenzie today and being the best Dad you can possibly be. There is no other feeling in the world like it.
    no prob man. Hey, you wouldnt happen to have it in MP3 format, would you? that'd be awesome if you did
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