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  • Steve-- looks like Jake is a busy guy next Sunday, April 15. he is with us here in Blackwood, NJ
    Chicago! On Sunday, April 15th, the Gene Siskel Film Center will be having a special showing of the Center for Asian American Media's (CAAM), Jake Shimabukuro Documentary! The film will start at 4:30, followed by a live ukulele performance by local musicians. Check out the link below for tickets and information.
    Jake will be making a video appearance at the "Advancing Peace Through the Power of Aloha" event Sunday April 15, where His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be speaking to the citizens of Hawaii about the role of peace and compassion in daily life. Check out the link below for tickets and information.
    Ho, Bruddah Steve!

    Mahalo for your very kind compliment! Growing up in Hawai'i instilled in me the "Aloha Spirit" and I go out of my way to share it. It's just who I am and it's second nature to me.

    My favorite saying is, "It's nice to be important ... but, it's MORE important to be nice!"

    I enjoy seeing your posts on the various Threads here on the UU Forums! I always look forward to you chiming in with your perspective on various topics, which can be quite interesting and entertaining!

    Glad to know that you're enjoying your Pono RTSH-E tenor uke!

    A hui hou malama pono,

    Hi coolkayaker1, thanx for your msg of support, the problem i got is i am not a good singer, or for that matter a very good uke player...yet! but what the hell, ireally appreciate you sending me the msg though man, kaizer
    hey Steve, thanks for the support. i appreciate all the nice comments and feedback on my silly little videos. keep on strummin' and happy new year!
    Hey, thanks for the message. The Donaldson isn't due until the spring, so trying to stay patient. You ever break out the sea kayak on the North Shore? Used to spend my days off paddling out to the islands -- ah, life before marriage.
    Hello to a fellow 80's fan!
    My favorite chord progression is F, G, Em ...
    ...seems to come up a lot in 80's tunes :)
    We sometimes have jams at my house around the holidays - I like hosting uke parties :) Hope to meet you soon!
    Nice to see another uke player in Geneva. I hope to meet you sometime. Keep an eye on the CHUG thread for our next meeting.
    Welcome to the Ukulele Underground. I saw your first post on Tim's thread. More, more! Thought I would say hey. So Hey! I'll also help you have more than two friends here.

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