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  • Wow! I feel bad for you. You've been so helpful to an (obvious) newbie, and then he acted like a turd. Some people are just jerks. :rolleyes:
    I've put lots of clunkers back into playable condition with not much effort. If you wanna play the giant 6 string uke, make the missing parts and go! Seen lot's of junk like one with a trapeze that was missing it's bridge and nut. That was easy to make into a giant 6-string uke again. (But I did do a 1955 Martin that had been left in the case for 30 years and was moldy and the finish was totally all cracked up, but I made it play again after making a new nut and made it look decent after polishing the bejeezus out of the 50 year old lacquer.) If it's broke, like torn wood and everything, I'd use it for parts. Separate it's parts, remove the braces and you might have some good wood to make a real instrument out of!
    Hey cornfed, I am interested in any worship music for uke. I tend to concentrate on traditional hymns, but my church does a mix worship style with both contemporary and traditional. I created a song book for uke, mostly based on guitar tabs. I would be happy to share. I wish UU had a place to store files of this kind so that they could be shared with everybody.
    Yeah the EWC series is great. I've also read the book. Great activities in the 7 lists. Crocs look similar to Birks. Have you joined the social group UFC yet? It is for guys like us. I started it b/c that is about all I play with my uke. I wish I knew moe stuff and I am slowly learning more. I just can't sing that great or play that great.
    Btw good old fashioned handbook is the bible. I like theology and the true theology is somewhere in a mixture of most of the theology ffrom all the different denoms. If that makes sense.
    Lol. Birks are sandals. Really comfortable ones. Usually associated with hippies. EWC is enter the worship circle. Based out of colorado. They use unplugged instruments and lots of hand drums. Red letter christians is a movement that started in philly. They focus on Jesus's message. Love neighbor and grace. I don't know much about them but it seems interesting. Most christians are dumb. I see so many that just accept what is preached in pulpit and never question or check. I'm a big fan of house churches. I think we got it all wrong. We are more worried aboiut the building than the people. When it is time for pastoring I have thought about doing vineyard. I like where they are going and the churches vision.
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