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  • I have actually taken a sabatical from the youth ministry to finish my masters degree. I do a motorcycle ministry with The Brotherhood of Jesus Christ. I'm the only biker that I know that wears birkenstocks:) What denom is it? Are you a red letter christian? I just use the good old fashioned handbook. What type of songs you worship with? EWC?
    Where you go church? I think we'd hit it off. I used to have dreads but now I'm going bald and I preach Jesus:) Gotta love like him.
    I got some at karma cigar lounge. I built another cbu but I am not happy with the volume. I will be home tomorrow after 4pm. if you want to come by.
    I haven't even thought about amping it yet. My woodworking tools are severely limited (as is my budget right now) so I'm going with minimal work on this first one. I have a cheap tear-apart Uke coming so I'll have a premade neck and fretboard. I think it's a concert with 15 frets, joining the body around the 12th or 13th. No inlay tools or skills yet either. That'll come later. I've been thinking of a way to use casino chips somewhere, somehow but haven't come up with anything yet. Might make good looking vol/tone knobs if I amped it though. Many chips here have a metal core which makes it tough to cut them up into anything like inlays. I might be able to find some cheap plastic or composition chips one of these days that'll survive cutting.
    I was afraid you might ask me that! I'm not very good with computers, they weren't around when I was born in 1938! Next time my son comes home, I'll get him to show me how to post photos. I'm just finishing off my tenth CB uke - stuck the bridge on tonight. It's looking good.

    What I love most about CB ukes is the way people react when they realise that it is a proper musical instrument, and not just a novelty.

    All the best,

    John Colter (Ukantor)
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