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    Moore Bettah owners. Post your pics here

    Wow! You have 3!!! Impressive!! Here are some pics of mine...
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    Haleiwa Surf Contest Ukes

    Cool shot of some old school Surf Legends. They surfed in the Haleiwa Triple Crown event this last week in the Clash of the Legends. Cool Prizes. Can't tell what make the Ukes are. Maybe Kala??
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    Eddie Vedder Florida Shows

    Anyone going to any of the Eddie Vedder florida shows next month?? I am thinking about flying in for the Orlando or Ft Lauderdale shows.
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    Smashed Finger!

    It's going to be a long week or 2. I smashed my index finger on my left hand last night! Pretty nasty cut right on the 1st joint. Believe it or not I was knocking coconuts out of my tree and 1 got me on the hand! hahaha. Thankfully it wasn't my head! I played some today but it's going to be...
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    Earthquake and Ukes!!

    Had a super close call with both of my ukes today. I make it a point to put my Moore Bettah in its case every night after I am done playing. Then carefully putting it on a counter safe away from my 5 year old. I strung my Mainland Low G and have been playing it some everyday too. So both ukes...
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    Donavon Frankenreiter "You" New Song

    A buddy just called to see if I had heard this new song from Donavon. Features Ukulele. Not sure who that is playing Uke. Good song.
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    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    Moore Bettah Tenor.
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    (Late) New Uke Day! Moore Bettah Custom Slotted Head Tenor

    Couple more build pics. I had a Great time dealing with Chuck!
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    (Late) New Uke Day! Moore Bettah Custom Slotted Head Tenor

    Finally got back from a month of fishing in the Bahamas and had some time to post this. Here are some pics and specs on my new Moore Bettah. It is 4A Koa with Ebony binding. Spanish Cedar neck with carbon fiber reinforcement. Side sound port,Pau Abalone Rosette and markers. Grover Sta-tite...
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    Oralndo Music Store with Ukes???

    Going to be in Orlando and would like to pick up some strings and such. Anyone know if there is a Music Store with Ukes in Orlando area? Thanks...
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    Gig Bags???

    Getting ready to do some traveling. Need a good Tenor Size Gig Bag that I can carry on the plane and take on the boat with me. What is the best mid priced Gig Bag that offers good protection but not too bulky. I am taking my Mainland Slothead Tenor.
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    Mac Garage Band???

    Just got my first Mac and see the Garage Band program on here. Has anyone used this? I haven't had time to check it out yet. How does it work?
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    Pearl Jam Costa Rica

    Going to go see Pearl Jam play in San Jose tonight. Hoping for a couple Uke songs!!
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    Mainland and Strings

    I know there are a ton of Mainland Uke owners on this site. Wondering which strings most folks like the best?? I have a Mahogany Tenor.