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    KoAloha to increase production of its Red Labels

    Does this mean they will be a little cheaper? :)
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    Recommendations for DGBE Strings for 19" scale

    I use UkeLogic soft tension on mine.
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    Oh, the soprano...

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    KCM-00 UG?

    Ultra Gorgeous?
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    Crazy Sparkly Da Silva

    I think even Liberace would say too much!
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    Looking for a Koolau or Koaloha Red label tenor in EU

    Ah ok, they are expensive so good luck!
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    Looking for a Koolau or Koaloha Red label tenor in EU

    Gute Ukulele in Germany currently have two Ko'olau tenors.
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    Why does Koa have strips of white in it?

    Stunning example currently at HMS -
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    Uke Logic Strings in the UK ........

    .................. are now stocked by SUS Looks like they have every variant in stock.
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    Kamaka HF-3DC for sale - UK

    Mint condition, bought new and imported from from HMS two years ago. There really is not a mark on it or the Kamaka case it came in. ****** Now gone ******
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    FS: KoAloha KTM-00 New Model #1910815

    This is what I get when I try that link-
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    NUD: Kanile'a SUS-T Tenor

    I've got the deluxe Baritone version. It was a little bit more but has a unique sound, really quite different to my Koa model. I did hear that the SUS models would be increasing in price this year but I'm sure it will still be less than getting one custom made to this spec.
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    Why Mango?

    Sounds like someone hasn't been looking very hard .............