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    Kiwaya KS-5 Sounding Boomy ?

    I never found the one I owned boomy at all, but we all have different tastes and perceptions. If its boomy to your ear try either Nyltechs or some type of nylon strings. Both are more percussive and less prone to being boomy than either fluorocarbon or regular Nylguts.
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    When you can play a D# that’s not an Eb

    Yeah, it just isn't practical to try to intonate 3 or 4 fingers and in some situations it just wouldn't be possible. Think of all the chords you play where your fingers can't all land exactly behind the fret; there is usually some variation regarding where they land in the space between the...
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    When you can play a D# that’s not an Eb

    Yes and no. Yes in the sense that you will sometimes play a full chord, but no in the sense that you usually won't play full chords that require more than two strings to be held down. Banjo, especially old-time banjo styles, tend to rely heavily on open tunings so a lot of the chords you would...
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    When you can play a D# that’s not an Eb

    Yes. You could use your ear to get good intonation BUT chords are very difficult to play with a fretless instrument. Generally, with a fretless instruments you at most hold down two strings at a time (a.ka. double stops).
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    When you can play a D# that’s not an Eb

    I play fretless banjo and I wonder this myself. When you play a fretless instrument you really learn to rely on your ears more than sight or feel. Your ear tells you if you are hitting the correct note. To some extent there will some bit more variation each time you hit the same note, but I do...
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    Concert strings on a soprano for more punch ?

    I’ve put concert and tenor strings on sopranos. It all comes down to what works for you in terms tone and feel on a particular instrument. FYI. The one time I tried tenor strings on a sop I took them off as the tone sounded choked. But some concert strings work really well.
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    When you can play a D# that’s not an Eb

    Better yet, get a fretless instrument.
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    SOLD: Timms Mahogany Soprano (Rare 17-fret version)

    Holy fudge! I can’t believe this wasn’t snapped up after like 5 seconds of posting.
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    SOLD!: Kiwaya KS-1

    Meanwhile.... EDW still has a really nice uke for sale at a good price. These Kiwaya's are phenominal. I'd put their laminates up again many many solid sopranos. This is a good buy.
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    WTB Ukulelezaza tabs Volume 4 “Where The Rainbow Ends”

    If you are okay with an electronic copy you can send him a message on Etsy and he’ll sell you a pdf version.
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    NUD: The Rebel Double Creme Mango soprano (Gloss finish)

    Wow. That's a really nice one. I had one once. Looked nice and sounded great, but didn't have anywhere near that curl. Great find!
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    (Offers Accepted) FS: KoAloha Opio Spruce/Acacia (Prototype) Concert - MINT

    The spruce ones definitly have a crown at the bottom the acacia ones do not. This must be one of the first ones released form the opio line. Very nice.
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    f*Bb*D*G Tuning - Songs to try

    I use this tuning on tenors sometimes. Both with low F and high F. It really just leads to playing the stuff you already play 1 step down. Depending on your vocal range it may or may not make certain songs easier to sing. I personally think reentrant tenors sound better tuned to this way...
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    High/Hard tension strings

    I had these on a Kiwaya KS-5 at one point. It was a while ago and I sold it at some point but I remember liking the strings a lot. I was also surprised that the gauges were listed as the same gauge but Worth does describe them here as being a “harder” material...
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    Concert Fluke, Tenor Fluke, or Outdoor Carbon Tenor?

    I recently had a conversation with Phyllis at MFC about this. I bought a flea with a wood fretboard and Pegheds and was trying to decide between a laminate top and solid top. Part of me figured since I was spending all that money on the other upgrades I should get a solid but the whole point of...