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    New Uke Day (NUD) NUD - Pohaku Soprano, Hawaiian Cuban Mahogany

    Awesome! Peter makes amazing instruments. I love my Pohaku soprano. Congrats!
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    What is your most expensive hobby?

    I play a few different instruments so I would say that my current most expensive hobby is “musical instrument enthusiast”. Woodworking was the most expensive hobby I ever had. Even once you’ve invested a in crap load of tools you still need to spend hundreds of dollar on lumber when you want to...
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    High G on a Tenor

    Even though currently I only have one tenor and it is strung low g, step down reentrant is probably my favorite ukulele tuning. It gives you the chord voicings of reentrant but obviously with more low end. You get the added depth but it still sounds like a uke and not small guitar. To my ear and...
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    Sold Concert Koa Fluke | Mint/Like New

    This is a great deal. Hard to believe it's still here.
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    Oppornockity only tunes once…

    That’s awesome!
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    Oppornockity only tunes once…

    I dig your harp case my fellow free reed blower! You make that?
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    Sold Koaloha Sopranino/Noah Soprano

    Neat! Don’t see these very often.
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    Hilo by Bruko

    The older Brukos sounded pretty different from the current ones. Several years ago, very early in my playing, I briefly owned a 1980s Bruko 6. It much was mellower in tone then the current Brukos. I should’ve kept it but sold it. Still have this video I took though.
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    Sold Price Reduced: Tenor Fluke, Koa Top, and Pegheds

    This beauty is sold! Thanks UU!
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    New Uke Day (NUD) John S. Kinnard concert

    This is awesome Patty! Congrats!
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    MagicFluke Flea vs other polycarbonates

    I leave my laminate top, wood fretboard w/ pegheds flea out in my living room. The kids play with it, it gets knocked over, and one time my two-year-old stood on it with his full weight (though I did take him off very quickly). You are correct that I wouldn’t treat it as a total beater, but my...
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    Strings Wound C conundrum

    I really like the CF27 paired with the CF30. I’m not sure if I would like only one or the other but together they pair really nicely. I have them on my KoAloha KTM tuned linear a full step down to FBbDG and they sound great. In general, I don’t love a low G as the only wound string but I do...
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    Sold Price Reduced: Tenor Fluke, Koa Top, and Pegheds

    You can just trade me for one of your Blackbirds! :ROFLMAO:
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