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    Da Bears, eh? Possible Chicago Pals

    Hey all! I would be absolutely tickled pink if there were other Chicago players out there. I am a newb and would be super grateful to get together with experienced or other newbie players.
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    Breath Of The Wild

    So, like...this game is the bomb. I was so on the fence cause I started video games with Mario and graduated to Spyro and loved them. I'm bigger on puzzles than combat and I thought BOTW would be a bit too much combat. Turns out this is my kind of game! The graphics, catching horses, even the...
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    Ohana CK-370G Limited Edition All Solid Koa Concert Ukulele

    As I was attempting to find my perfect concert, I bought this awesome uke. However, I also bought three more and find that I have (at least) one too many. As beautiful as this is, I have to part with one. It has only been played a handful of times and I bought it only a month or so back from...
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    Most Common Newb Mistakes

    Hello! I'm a self taught newer player. Since COVID restrictions prevented me from learning in person or going to a class and money being tight has prevented me from buying lessons online, I have depended on (and been grateful for) those on YouTube who post lessons for free. But, I feel like...
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    Lurker but a Nice One

    I am a lurker and love to read threads but don't participate too much. I should have done an intro when I joined but I never know what to say. I'm a new player who has become obsessed with this sweet sounding little instrument. Thanks for having me here. Have a good day, ya'll.