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    Koa Works Concert

    Two More Pics
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    Koa Works Concert

    Up for sale is my Koa Works Concert built by Rich Godfrey. Body: Quarter-sawn Hawaiian Koa wood on face, back and sides Fretboard and bridge: musicians grade Macassar ebony Top and back binding (black/white purfling) and bound fretboard: milo wood Rosette and fretboard binding: mango wood...
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    Gathering Stars in the Night Sky

    Based on the Chris Coleman transcription for low g. Moore Bettah tenor ukulele.
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    Close to You

    Based on the Jeremy Choi arrangement from his website. Good arrangements on his site esp. for low g fingerstyle.
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    From Abe Lagrimas "Elua".
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    Magic Ukulele Waltz

    Based on Winniboy's version from the great Roy Smeck. KoaWorks concert.
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    Ukulele Wahine--Abe Lagrimas Jr.

    This is from the transcription booklet of "Elua", based on Abe's playing. Highly recommend the cd and the booklet. Played on KoaWorks Tenor.
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    Someone to Watch Over Me--Paul Hemmings arrangement

    You can find this arrangement on the Paul Hemmings site. Terrifically challenging and uses interesting chords all up and down the neck. I was also influenced a lot by Rosemary Clooney's take on this classic song. Played on Beau Hannam tenor, low g.
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    Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy New Year!

    Here's the couplet I brushed this morning in honor of New Year, posted on my studio door in Burbank. An old traditional sentiment, loosely translated: 天增歲月人增寿--Heaven bless with long life 春满乾坤福满门--Spring full heaven and earth bless the whole family
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    This version is based on Dominator's arrangement. Played on a KoaWorks Tenor.
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    John Kinnard Mahogany Tenor Style 2, Slotted head, dark tobacco sunburst gloss

    I am selling my John Kinnard Mahogany Tenor, Style 2, with Slotted headstock and a spectacular dark tobacco sunburst finish in gloss nitro finish. The uke was built in late 2013 and I purchased from a prior Underground owner. This tenor is in near perfect condition, no dings, no scratches, no...
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    Song for Shelley

    Based on Brad Bordessa's arrangement. Beau Hannam low g ukulele.
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    Sand Castles

    Based on a version of Herb Ohta, Jr's. arrangement. Played on Moore Bettah, low g.