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    Uke for classical music?

    Look for music/song books by Tony Mizen. I have a couple of his books. The one I like the best is The Romantic Ukulele - Classical music for the ukulele.
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    Ukulele Rack? What are the alternatives for displaying ukuleles?

    I have an IKEA bookcase. I sealed the two side cabinets and installed a rubber seal around the glass doors and sealed the entire cabinets. I have a Cigar Oasis wifi humidifier in each cabinet and an analogue humidifier gauge in one cabinet. I rotate my many ukes just because I love to look at...
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    Buying From Sweetwater

    I buy these mic "socks" they are throwaway and work great. I'm still using them whether or not Covid is around.
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    Thumb Pick Recommendations

    This is what I use. Black Mountain picks. Spring-loaded. Excuse the dirty nails . . . gardening this weekend!
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    Buying From Sweetwater

    Sweetwater is fantastic. Spent a lot of money at Sweetwater. Always satisfied.
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    Has anyone here used Note Recognition Apps?

    How good are the apps? It transcribes your playing into music notation. Not sure how much they cost. But, it sounds interesting. I read about NOTE RECOGNIZER, and NOTE RECOGNITION for Android
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    WTB: Klos All Carbon Tenor

    Ashkettle has not replied. So I will. My KLOS is the one uke I can keep anywhere and it is ready to play. In the car, by my desk, at the beach, to festivals (when we had those big festivals). I never had to worry about it. It is built like a tank. But, it is well balanced. You can shred on this...
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    WTB: Klos All Carbon Tenor

    I was a biker most of my life. The KLOS would be a great companion. But, a RISA is REALLY small in comparison.
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    Fanner ukulele need a case

    Brian is working on a hard case. I found the Riza case fits pretty damn well.
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    Does anyone here play both a regular bass (guitar) and a uke bass?

    I always thought you could not play a U-Bass the same as a bass guitar because of the scale. So, everything is the same? I can put on a set of U-bass steel strings on the bass guitar and everything is the same? Intervals, modes, etc? I can play both? Me not knowing.
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    Does anyone here play both a regular bass (guitar) and a uke bass?

    Well. I'm hooked! I am really liking this Ibanez Mikro Bass. I just started in-person lessons a week ago and am really digging it. I changed to flat-wound strings and what a difference (at least to my fingers and ears). Also, got a really comfortable strap (important as this thing weighs a lot...
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    FS: Daniel Ho/Pepe Romero Solid Mahogany Tiny Tenor

    Of course, Here are the two epoxy dabs. You know, I left the epoxy dabs to harden. But, never sanded and polished them. They are on the back bottom of body. BTW, these are not cracks. A small chip and a dent. Are you in Los Angeles? You can check it out yourself.
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    What's the most unlikely genre of music you've heard a ukulele in?

    My favorite: Heavy Metal on the Uke! Sarah Longfield
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    what do you sit on?

    That's a dangerous question. LOL
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    Hey all, anyone with arthritis?

    Thanks for the advice. I've found a teacher (for my bass playing) between the two of us we can alter my technique to accommodate my malady.