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    Request for information

    Kidding or not, you're welcome to use/copy/modify/sell/ignore the attached jig plan that I've been working on for a bit now. It's a self-clamping unit, with indexing screws and self-centering drill guides for the tuner posts. Probably not as elegant as Pete Howlett's solution (if you want...
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    Build log? #2: Time for a concert.

    Ha. Reminds me of "...please send photograph of boat and motor". Any advice on cutting this? I can fit three backs or tops (pictured), or two back and side sets. More if I could find somebody with a good big bandsaw and steady hand...
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    Build log? #2: Time for a concert.

    Build log: #2 - Time for a concert. I planned to wait until next year before starting a new project, but I came down with builders' bug. I'm going to have a crack at a concert ukulele or four. Trying to apply what I learnt from #1, and working more carefully and methodically. Why concert size...
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    My first: A Blackwood and Australian Native Olive tenor

    My first: Blackwood and Australian Native Olive tenor I've finished my first ukulele! Well, almost... I need to redo the neck finish due to some late reshaping, fix the fretboard dots, a little bit of fret work and nut/saddle adjustment. But it's basically done, strung and playable. Top &...
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    I'm going to build a binding jig

    I decided a binding router jig was a good idea, but baulked at the AU$300 to $350 that LMII and StewMac wanted. I've been playing around with 3D printers and laser cutters for a while now, and more recently with a CNC machine. I figured I can repurpose parts intended for those machines. So, for...
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    Another question about back radius/side profie

    Another question about back radius/side profile Hello brains trust, I figure these are probably aesthetic questions, but would like advice. I'm building from my own plan and trying to work out how to cut the sides to fit the back radius. The maths is easy, but where should the high point be...
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    Screwy neck blank: trash or tolerable?

    Hi brains trust, One of my neck blanks (acacia) arrived a bit cupped, a bit warped and a bit twisted. It's got plenty of surplus wood on it, so I could just plane and sand it back to square before I use it. But I'm wondering if it's likely to cause issues in the future, and if there's any way...
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    High tension fluorocarbons?

    TL;DR: Can anybody recommend some high-tension flourocarbon strings for my tenor? Long version: I recently purchased a Kaka solid mahogany tenor, and it's a great player. A significant element of this is the strings, which are Enya brand PVDF. They're bright yet sweet and feel great under the...
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    Humidity and ukuleles?

    Note: I did search for an answer. Got a lot of threads but no answers. I'm a bit curious about what people are aiming for when they try to control humidity around their ukuleles. Is the only important thing the _relative humidity_ (expressed as a %)? Or do you also control temperature? What...
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    Bubbly picking pattern

    I'll give it a shot. On my tenor with low G, I'd play this: If the 4th fret is difficult to reach on the A and A7, play it open. Ignore the time signature (wrong) and the note lengths (wrong).
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    Anybody know what this tune is?

    Hi, I stumbled across this while looking for uke demos and just love the piece. Does anybody know what it is? Otherwise, I'll tab it out, but I'm a bit lazy so any help would be appreciated!