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  • salut si tu veux et si tu a un cellulaire donne moua ton num pis on se textera bye and good teach
    salut j'amerais que tu me donne un (genre) de cours de ukulele jai un peu de misère merci on ce revoi a l'ecole bye
    Hey, Josh - good result! :)

    I never had a bowlback mando. I think my playing style is a little crude to risk a refined instrument!

    What kind of stuff do you plan to play on it?

    Yeah there is one store which sells a better selection of ukes. It's called Musique Plaza at Place Laurier, near the Sears. I bought an Ohana for my wife. They carry a fender, Ohana's, Oscar Schmidts (or whatever) and Ovation, I think. Usually, I just stick to Musicguymic on ebay or the marketplace here on UU. I bought my Koa Pili Koko from mic and my Koaloha here on UU.
    Now if only summer could arrive.
    Hey Josh. :)

    Thanks for the message.

    I currently have a Kentucky KM-505 mandolin. It's was a fair mandolin to start with, but I've tweaked it a bit and added a ToneGard. Now I'm really quite happy with it. I've also had Eastman and J Bovier mandolins. I can't afford expensive instruments, but one day I'd like to get a Freshwater folk mandolin or octave mandola, and/or a Collings MT-0.

    Maybe one day!


    Maybe you should start a thread about Mandolin Resources in the General Forum area. It would invite a wider audience. Also send Budduu a PM if you start the thread - he is another mandolin player.

    It is a good point you make - 95% bluegrass and 5% songs that your grandmother sang. I was not insulted by your comment, although I do play some bluegrass. What particular kind of music are you looking for?
    Thank you so much! I love that your kids want to play ukulele now. How cool is that?! :) Where in "la belle province" are you?
    Hey Guys,
    I live in Québec, Canada and yes, I'm french!! Where I'm from, nobody takes the Ukulele seriously and I'm on a holy quest to change that perception. I started to play the ukulele 3 months ago, and man!... I love it! I've been playing guitar and mandolin for a lot of years and I needed something new. Ukulele is the bomb!!
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