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    Cherry ukulele

    I just remembered that I built this one too (my brain and memory seem to have gone to mush lately). Cherry top, back and sides. Cherry and Maple neck. Turns out, this is my most recently finished uke and the other one I posted was one of my first. So... I guess it's easy to see that I'm a pretty...
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    Cherry ukulele

    I built this one. The body is all cherry. The neck is maple. Fretboard, bridge and binding are walnut. I like the sound of it quite a bit. It is nice and crisp.
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    Walnut and Cherry Carved Tenor

    I made this carved body tenor as a birthday gift for my brother. It is inspired (obviously) by the work of Dave Iriguchi. I strung it Low G because my brother is a guitar player and re-entrant tunings throw his brain for a loop. I'm really pleased with how it plays and sounds. I finished it...
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    Bending Question: Douglas Fir? Is it possible?

    I built this fir and cedar uke earlier this year. I had to baby the fir a bit while bending, but we got there in the end.
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    Twin Tenors

    I just finished these twin tenors. I built these two as close to identical as I could, except for the soundboard bracing pattern, as an experiment to see: 1. How close to the same I could get them and 2. How the difference in bracing would impact the sound. There's not as much difference in...
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    Makeshift Go Bar Deck

    Sometimes when the shop is too cold, you just have to bring it inside and improvise a little...
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    Deceptive Wax Coating

    I recently got a granadillo turning blank. The block looked really nice. It was a deep, dark, rich brown color that I thought would work great for some fretboards and bridges. As these things often are, it was coated in a nice thick coat of wax. After scraping that all off, it still looked...
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    First Batch Completed

    I just finished my first batch of ukes. I have made a few over the past couple years, but this time I made 4 together in a batch. As I'm learning, I try to implement something new on each instrument that I'm building. Working on multiple at a time was definitely a learning experience in and of...
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    How do you hang it? Ukulele wall hangers

    Here's my main wall. I have a couple of String Swings, but eventually needed a more economical alternative. So most of mine hang on a DIY version made from a $1 hook from Home Depot. Depending on the location I will use various wood types for the backing block. A very easy to make and...
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    Basic setup and maintenance/repair ideas

    I am going to be leading a workshop at my local ukulele festival next month. I will be covering basic setup principles as well as some simple maintenance and common repairs. I have a good list of the basics that I want to cover (setting action, dressing frets, adjusting friction tuner tension...
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    Make your own fretboard dots?

    I will usually just make a putty by mixing wood glue with sawdust from one of the accent woods I'm using. Then I drill a hole a couple mm deep at each marker position, fill the hole with the putty, let it dry and sand it flush. It dries very hard and because you make it out of dust from the...
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    Worn Out Martin Strings

    I recently tried out some Martin M600 fluorocarbon strings on a new ukulele. I noticed that they are getting terribly worn down, particularly at the 2nd and 3rd fret of the A string. Photo 1 Photo 2 I'm not surprised about the location of the wear, given how frequently those positions are...
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    Sophomore Effort: Cherry, Walnut and Maple Concert

    Just finished my second acoustic ukulele. Cherry top, back and sides Maple neck Walnut fretboard, binding, bridge and tuners. Corian nut and saddle. I learned a lot from my first build and this one came out with a much clearer voice. I'm quite pleased with it. Hmmm... What to try next???
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    Looking for an electric steel-string ukulele

    Here are a few that I have made. If you like these, I could probably make you something similar within your budget.
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    First Acoustic Build

    About a year ago, I had the idea to try building a solid body Les Paul style ukulele. It turned out pretty good and, well needless to say, I was hooked. After a couple more solid body builds, a couple tahitian style, and a strumstick style acoustic, I finally got up the courage to try a full on...