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  • Wow Fancy Seeing you back...it's been a real long time..holy moly great it see you back....
    Hi Davoo...I just pass by your public profile just to say hi!!
    I've been away from the UU family...anyways...I hope everything is fine over ther in Guam!!!
    hafa nai.....chillin in cali...tryna learn new stuff everyday or get better @ it..repetition is the key..a/w i think i got the same uke .. or look like it
    Are you really in Guam? Because I might actually be moving there... and I won't know anyone. Although i guess i don't know you either. (Hi.)
    YEAH!! sold my ukulele, and got a new one! Pono solid koa! man...sounds waaay better than that cheapo lanikai i had.
    Whoa, you must be really active on this website to be a moderator. Anyways I just posted my ukulele for sale because its time to get a new one! Well, my sister says hi btw haha, im with her in seattle. I just noticed you joined UU on my birthday haha. shoot
    I don't really live on an island, I live on a boat. But I joined your Islanders group anyway!!! ;)
    Hey, I just put up a post in Uke talk about my first build as a luthier, you might wanna check it out.
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