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  • Hey Don - aloha from Jen in Oz.
    Nice to meet you on UU as well - I am kinda new here, it's taken a while to move beyond Facebook and Youtube, getting there slowly.
    Anyhow, thanks for your wonderful comments and support to my first adventures into recording myself - truly appreciated.
    Wishing you well
    Hello Don,
    Thank you for the compliment and for the request! I have to admit. It's not me! My avatar belongs to Tommy Chong.
    Why... It's sort of a payback for years of hearing, after an introduction.
    "Dave's Not Here"
    I have pictures of me in my profile albums. Feel free to check them out.
    Hey there, Don - thanks for finding me. I don't post too much over here, but I read the posts when I have time or when I'm looking for tips.

    It's good to see you - I think I'm behind on 1 or 2 of your vids - better check that out next.

    Have a great weekend!
    Still haven't figured out the messages here. There were Cheetos in the song, but I probably mumbled that line as is my habit. Cheers!
    hey Notorious D.O.N., great to see you here! i think i'll be walking to 7/11 for some cheetos today. scratch that, i don't think i will, i know i will!

    Hi Don! Hey... on here you have just one friend (so far) and that's me!! How cool is that (for me, I mean) ;-)
    Of course we have been friends before, but now we are utterly "interwebbed" - YouTube, FaceBook and UU... Yeah, we are web citizens!

    Great to see you here on UU, homie!!
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