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  • No one is happier than me. The Russ jam Saturday night was epic-er than epic. So cool to finally meet you!
    Great to meet you, bro. Let me know if you ever come back to your home state!
    Have good good trip to UWC. I'm looking forward to meeting you and seeing you play. Congrats on the Jake kudos.
    I hear you won the "Deach Appreciation" contest! Way cool! I will have to borrow Asa's computer to look at it. My home PC has crashed.
    I got me Jake Tix and will be bringing a mob. See you there! I have some D hole ohanas coming in soon if you want to check one out.Van Gogh would give his right ear for one. They do look awesome!
    Have you got your Jake Tickets yet? If you did, where did you get em? Oh and by the way, Rock On!:rock:
    Sorry about that. Its Welsh. Those are way cool and think they should be ready sometime this month to ship out. I also spoke with Mainland Ukes and they be maken some solid Mango uke real soon. This spring should be interesting.
    Oh wow! I have the ultimate in all ukuleledom....Spongebob or Bobesponge ukulele! Yes, it is that cool. Photos are one thing, but a Spongebob uke in real life. You gotta get one! Its a little nicer than a Kamaka.
    Man I am thankful for the support! You and Tsani are great players and we enjoyed hearing your playing. A few more people came after yall left and it ended up being a cloudy but fun day.
    Hello, noticed your in Atlanta too. Giving out invites for a uke showing this Saturday 2/14 from 12:00 to 5:30 in Cobb County if interested please let me know. Ohana, Kala and Honu.
    Rock On!:rock:
    Wassup DeG? This is you-know-who. I saw that you didn't have any friends yet. Awwww... I'll be your friend. I've been off UU for awhile - mainly just from being busy. I'm blocked from the site at work so I can only get on at home...if I can get you-know-who off the computer long enough. Anyway - see ya later. Looking forward to hearing that bass part.
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