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    Little choir of me..
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    Too Much Monkey Business

    Me taking on that old rocknroll
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    King Of The Road (v. 2)

    Took my old recording and added some Ableton instruments.
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    Girl - The Beatles (just ukulele)

    Another Beatles cover from Rubber Soul..
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    Anatoly Lepin - The Song About The Lovesick Fellow (solo ukulele)

    Another little song from old soviet movie..
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    A Circle of Seasons

    Small collaboration with some old friends of mine.
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    Isaak Dunayevsky - Sports March (solo ukulele)

    Quite old soviet tune (1936)
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    King of the Road

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    A Hard Day's Night - solo ukulele

    Strummed right through this masterpiece:)
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    Lady Madonna

    Simple ukulele cover.
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    Revolution - Beatles cover

    Something in between Revolution 1 and just Revolution:)
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    Isolation in the Heart of the Country

    Topical imaginary Lennon/McCartney collaboration:)
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    Old Grand Piano

    I did solo version of this piece, now the same with bass and a bit of cajon.