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  • Sounds like Ziricote is an undiscovered jewel eh...Well at least not fully! It does have that everlasting sustain when Kimo plays it though.
    Ah i figured the top was a cedar! How exactly would you describe ziricote's tonal qualities as? Deep like rosewood?
    Hey eric,

    Just saw Kimo Hussey's set with Kalei on pakele live. I believe the uke that he used was one made by you, what exactly are the tonewoods used in his uke?

    Have a great week! :)
    Aloha Eric,
    Welcome to the UU. The ukulele which you made is very famous in Japanese Uker, too. They are cool, beautiful, and great sound. And it is famous that is very hard to get. Please let me know, if you have a excellent ukulele.
    Have fun this forum!
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