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    Price increases

    Ya I have been seeing the price increases too. Romero Creations, Anuenue (really the AMM3), and Rebels tenors (Mango and Spruce/Hog). The k-brands all went up last year. Kind of crazy how ukes have been going up and up over the past 10+ years. Remember buying my Kamaka HF-3 back in 2009 for...
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    Collings Doghair Finish Mahogany tenor

    This is a gorgeous look uke! Good luck on the sale
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    Picture Quality

    I agree with counsel1 that with the new upgrade with the website, photos will now be higher quality and less compressed. I've found that I don't need to downsize photos that are uploaded in forum. One format that I hope that can be added is HEIC, which is the compressed photo format of iphones...
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    Rebel Invictus NUD

    Congrats! These new Rebels are pretty cool!
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    NUD: EJ Henderson, Red Spruce and Maple Tenor

    Great looking and sound uke! Congrats. I like the curly maple and red spruce.
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    Change of user name.

    You should message him and ask for his name. I'm sure it will push to his email. Maybe offer him a cup of coffee...
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    disappointed in my new Kamaka HF-2 Concert Ukulele

    I would say patience with a new uke. My take is that ukes sound better as you break them in (opening up). After a couple weeks it will change in sound, imo. I would recommend playing the heck out of the uke and you hear a difference soon enough. Also I have never been a fan of kamaka's stock...
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    Recommendations for reputable online stores and brands for a newbie please!

    Some good budget-friendly brands are anuenue, kala, & ohana. I think @Steedy got most of them. I know that Mims & Uke Republic do free set-ups, ship free, and don't charge tax (as long as you are not in the same state as them). You really save a ton of money this way. The Ukulele Site is the...
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    Greetings from Okinawa

    Welcome to the forum/club!!
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    Ukulele Porn (post your uke pics here...)

    Counsel1 you have quite a collection!! congrats
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    aNueNue USA buying experiences?

    I have purchased directly from Kalei and Corey (anunueusa) and it was a great experience. I’m not quite sure if they did a full set up but they can if you ask them. My action was a little on the higher side but I know how to lower the action so it was no big deal to me. I would probably contact...
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    I can see the desire for more than one

    Lol. I have always flip-flopped with Photography and Uke/Music in the past 14 years. I had a baby 1 month before the shutdown and then the shutdown happened. Travel photography was impossible at that point, so I got back into music. I began selling some of my photography gear and used the money...
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    Joe Souza on HIsessions podcast

    This was an awesome interview!! Thanks.
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    Change of user name.

    Hi John. I feel you on this. When I started my account back in 2010 I had a different s/n (deznuchs). I was very new to the ukulele and was most definitely in a different place in my life. I put in for a change for s/n back at the beginning of the changeover. It took a few weeks but it finally...
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    I can see the desire for more than one

    Love the analogy. The challenge is ending up with 21 flavors at home...