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    Too Many Instruments

    Eliminate all of them and get a high G soprano ukulele. Problem solved. Why? The soprano ukulele bringeth joy 😀 But seriously the choice is yours. People have different tastes. Go with what you like best. Good luck
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    Moving the forum today!

    VIP can post now but no Edit functions
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    Moving the forum today!

    VIP Test as my posts needed approval.
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    Finally listed a uke on eBay

    GLWS, Looks top-notch as usual. Have you ever made a sopranino?
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    Moving the forum today!

    Nice! Mobile friendly without switching themes. £€¥₩ test.
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    Paracord Outdoor Ukulele Strap DIY for $4.99 (+ tax)

    I made a strap for my Outdoor Ukulele using 550 paracord. I purchased 50 feet of paracord from Dick's Sporting Goods for $4.99 (+ tax) It is essentially a long paracord bracelet with sliding loop ends to attach to the strap buttons. A 5 feet long single strand of paracord is used for the core...
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    Cute Little Guitar

    Person 1: Hey! That's a cute little guitar Me: Thanks, It's called ooo koo lay lay Person 2: That's a cute little guitar Me: Thanks, It's called ooo koo lay lay Person 3: That's a cute little guitar Me: Thanks, It's called ooo koo lay lay Person 4: That's a cute little guitar Me: Thanks, Yeah...
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    Outdoor Soprano with Ratio Tuners

    My go to Adhesive is E6000 it dries clear and is very strong. I already used a little bit to tighten one of the screw holes. Should have no problem filling those holes. The holes don't bother me though, so I might not fill them unless it becomes an issue.
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    Only One Ukulele?

    I had a Rouge Baritone, BugsGear Concert, and an Outdoor Tenor. Gifted those away. The Outdoor Ukulele Carbon Soprano is now my only ukulele. How many here have only one ukulele? If so, what ukulele is it?
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    Outdoor Soprano with Ratio Tuners Bought a set of Ratio Tuners from Pohaku. Installed them on my Outdoor Ukulele Soprano. Works nice. Used the stock metal busings. Original tuners can be easily installed again. New...
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    Tell me about your ukulele experiences!

    Hi, For the G chord try barring at the second fret like this: Practice, practice, and practice. Frequent short practice sessions are usually better than occasional long practice sessions.
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    How many octaves on a ukulele?

    This is the chart I use to identify notes on sheet music: It shows the octave range of a 12 fret soprano with a high or low G.
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    The Classic Rock Song "True Love" who did it?

    Hi, Anyone know who performed the Classic Rock Song "True Love" I wrote a little ditty in 1-4-5-4 (C-F-G-F) and found this reference: I want to hear it but don't know what song it is. Thanks!
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    Name That Tune

    This should be easy. What tune is this? Thanks!
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    My Stringed Instrument Adventure (long post)

    Go Green :cool: I am no longer adding a side port to Jade. As Percy Sledge famously sang I decided to “take time to know her.” So no cutting and no side fret markers yet. So far so good. I am getting used to the sound. I remember when I wanted Citrine to be quieter so I am no longer obsessing...