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  • Hello Dennis,
    Great to hear from you! Dodge City is fact a real city. I'm sure that you have heard of Boot Hill as well. It's in the same city and is real.
    Dodge City was a really rough town along time ago. What video? Ive put two up. I have to tell you though. I have only started to learn the
    ukulele and I can't sing or dance. This is why I probably never tried an instrument before in my life. It's just really difficult for me.
    Here's a link to my you tube channel My Papa Dave
    You know Dennis, about the UU new member introduction board. I really would like to see more members participating with giving a simple hello and welcome to the new forum members. UU has over 3,000 active members and yet only a handful seem to be actively making an effort. If I could figure out a way to start a "Just say hello" campaign, I would. However until then I will always be seen in the new members introduction of the forum doing my small part. It's always nice to hear from you. Stay in touch!
    Hey, Dennis!
    It's great to see that you are still with us. I was wondering where you had been. I would have to agree with God though, it's nice to have a little time to reflect and recharge the batteries. I've been doing well. The weather has changed for the better. Temps here are reaching into the upper 40s with lots of fog in the evening and mornings. All in all, it's a far cry from the -22 temps and I was lucky enough to get through it with electricity. I still choose to spend my off work time inside sitting here hanging out with UU and with my 'ukulele instead of outside. I sometimes wish that I could just pick up my 'ukulele and play anything at any given time. But I guess that will come in time and lord willing, I'll have plenty of that.
    lol yea eh lets jam...imma be back in da islands already...dats ok...bumbye i come back and jam...im takin ukulele next semester hahah...maybe i come back and jam with all you ol futs hahaha...cya in dec...shootz
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