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    FS: Tangi 8-string Tenor

    For sale is a Tangi 8-string Tenor. Spruce soundboard, curly maple back and sides. MOP fret markers. Abalone inlay around the sound hole and sound board. Made in 2007. $225 +shipping. I will pay for insurance. Dino Btw, this is cross posted in Hawaii Craigslist...
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    Hawaii 43rd Annual Ukulele Festival. Sunday July 21st. 10am to 4 pm.

    Who is going to the festival? I'll be there wearing my ukulele underground shirt. I just found out on Sunday that Jake Shimabukuro will be performing at the show. Here is the flyer/poster for the show.
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    headstock design

    I am in the middle of a build and am working on my headstock. I have the design in mind but would like to see which way others think the orientation looks best. I have the pattern cut out and on top the head stock. I will put this up as a poll. Thanks for your participation!
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    Kala 8-string Koa Ukulele with cutaway and pickup<SOLD>

    Kala Koa Series Ukulele. Model ka-k8e-c. Koa back and sides, maple binding, chrome diecast tuners and a Shadow transducer pickup and EQ. Satin finish. Mint condition. Hard case included. Asking $250 plus shipping to your location.
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    Open Mic @ Paparazzi

    Hey Gang, If you got the itch to perform, there is an open mic at Paparrazi at Ward Center. Every sunday from 8-9:30pm. Its a great place if you want to let your creative talents shine. Just another note, the organizers are planning an all Ukulele open mic set for August 14th. Check out...
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    2011 Ukulele Festival - practice

    Hey, just an FYI for anyone in Honolulu....resident or visitor. The 40th Ukulele festival will be having a practice day at the Waikiki Bandstand this coming Tuesday the 12th appx 5pm. Come by if you want to hear what songs some of the groups and band will be performing on the actual festival day...
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    From My Heart by Ka' first cover video

    What was I thinking????? Lack of sleep????? hahahaha. Sorry if I killed the song.
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    FS: Tangi 8-string Tenor Mahoganney <SOLD>

    Made in 2007 (branded inside the body). Mahoganney body. Excellent condition. Comes with case. $200 plus shipping to your area. FYI.....I have this same uke posted on craigslist Hawaii. You can call me if you want. Dino. 1-808-542-2187...
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    ukulele festival

    Stop by and say HI. I have a tent opposite center stage , middle area, second row of tents.
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    email hosting

    How about hosting email services. I wouldn't mind paying for an email account
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    For you new members

    For you new members and old ones that haven't seen this, Aaron, Rayan and Aldrine had a TV spot here in Hawaii on a show called Brown Bags to Stardom. Came out in 2008. Wow! 2 years old. Check it out. Neat stuff!
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    Pono Koa Concert PKC-2

    Selling this to fund purchase of another Tenor ukulele. Pono ukulele's are no longer made in Koa. So this is a pretty nice piece to have. This uke has Ebony binding, Rope Rosette, MOP around the sound hole, Grover tuners, & Undersaddle pickup. Only thing, is there is a scratch on the back...
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    Hey UU, For those of you who know Acaboe....aka Bob. He sends a big HI to all the UU members. I ran into him this past Chirstmas at Honolulu Hale. He is currently a Security guard there. He hasn't played ukulele in a while, and has stopped building. He still lives in Waianae. The reason...
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    Link to Homepage

    How about putting up a link to send you back to the main page and even link the logo to that. Sometimes I go directly to read forums, but gotta type again to go to the front page. A link would be quicker.
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    Blackford "Tangi" Tully

    Hey Gang, I texted with Tangi today. Actually, I called his phone and maybe expected to talk to his wife or someone else, but guess who answered????? Tangi himself. A little hard to understand but by the tone of the voice I could just about understand him enough to tell him I would text...