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    FS: Kiwaya KMT-K, Style 3 Koa Tenor

    A couple more pictures. Please provide your email address if you would like some high resolution pictures. Thanks
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    FS: Kiwaya KMT-K, Style 3 Koa Tenor

    In an attempt to thin the herd, I am reluctantly offering a beautiful and scarce Kiwaya Master Grade Tenor. It has the tone and build quality that Kiwaya is known for and this one is in excellent plus condition. It includes the hard shell case shown and the $1400.00 price includes shipping to...
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    FS: Anuenue Moonbird tenor, Like New

    I am offering my Moonbird Tenor for sale here and on Flea Market Music. The price is $1050.00 including PayPal fees and shipping to the Lower 48. It is like new except for the price. I have gone back to playing guitar as my primary instrument, so I need to thin out the herd. I will also be...
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    Pono Limited Edition Master Tenor, Mahogany and Cedar, Comfort Edge, Sound Port

    Pono made very few of these Master Series, Limited Tenor Ukuleles. This one is nearly mint. The only signs of wear are some very small impressions on the top, near the first string. You have to angle the top in the light to find them and they did not show up in the pictures. This ukulele has...
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    MARTIN IZ 1T Tenor Ukulele, excellent condition

    A couple more images. I hate to sell it, but I haven't been playing the tenors nearly as often as the sopranos.
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    MARTIN IZ 1T Tenor Ukulele, excellent condition

    From the Martin web site: A tribute to legendary artist Israel Kamakawiwo'ole ("Iz"), this tenor ukulele features beautiful genuine quilted mahogany construction, an East Indian rosewood headplate adorned with "IZ" inlaid in Hawaiian koa and a hibiscus flower inlaid in pink awabi pearl. I am...
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    Uke Storage - Hanging?

    You need to consider more than humidity and dust. UV damage can ruin your instrument as well. I converted an antique bookcase and an antique clock case. The clock was already gutted and in poor condition. I keep a case for each size in the room in case I want to play out. The glass on...
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    Wanted: Graziano Selmer style jazz ukulele

    I am searching for a Selmer type ukulele with a floating bridge and the old 1930s style. If anyone has tired of their Jazz uke, please PM me. Thanks
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    What was you best ukulele score and the ukulele you will probally never sell?

    My best score has to be my Laughlin 3K with the bow tie and kite. Tim only produced two of them and it is like having a 1920 Martin 3K without the issues of a vintage instrument. I will post some pictures later.
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    Dave Turner Compass Rose Concert

    Just a couple more photos.
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    Dave Turner Compass Rose Concert

    Rick Turner Compass Rose Concert Rick Turner Compass Rose Concert Ukulele, (sorry about the incorrect title). It is a very nice instrument, but I cannot get used to the concert size, so I have decided to let it go. It is currently set up low G. The ukulele is clear and resonant and has...
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    1929 Martin Style 2 Mahogany Soprano

    A few more photos.
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    1929 Martin Style 2 Mahogany Soprano

    Here is a nice Martin Style 2 Mahogany Soprano from Martin's golden age. There is obvious finish wear, but there are no cracks and it is a great player's instrument. Bar fret wires and original tuners. I am only asking $500.00 including shipping to the continental US. The pictured case is...
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    Opinion, Romero Replica

    I like the look and sound of the new Romero Replicas, but I am not sure if it is worth the price, being produced in I believe Vietnam. Any options?
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    Which is your house favorite spot to play your Ukes??? This is my favorite spot!!!

    Center of the couch in the music room.