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    Hello from North West Uk!

    Welcome Boomboomboo , our band's looking for a Bass player if your in the Blackpool area ?
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    NUAD* Godin MultiUke - A Hard Case that Fits!

    I bought quick release strap button's so i can quickly release my strap and pop it in the bag supplied .
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    Why Why Why

    As soon as i press record my mind goes blanc my fingers turn to mush can't remember anything of the song i've been practising near perfect all afternoon AHHHH. Rant over
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    U.O.G.B video

    Not sure if anybody has posted this video, very good as you would expect from the band , we tried something similar using facebook messenger and it was a disaster , wondered if anybody could shed some light on how they managed to get the sound so good ? Cheers Dave...
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    Snake Box

    Hi wonder if you tech guys could look at this . We have a big charity concert coming up with at least 18 Mic's and equal number of ukes with pickups , now to cut down on cables running around the stage with potential for tripping i found one of these i thought we could buy 4 , but i noticed that...
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    Boss AD-10 Acoustic pre amp

    Hi i wonder if some tech guys could take a look at this as i'm thinking of buying one to go with my Godin Multiuke , it's primarily going to used when gig with the group i'm with and the mixing desk we use . I've linked a youtube video that explains . Regards Dave...
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    Sound engineer ?

    Thanks ricdoug , sorry i didn't update my post sooner . I did take a photo of the mixing desk but the week after my first post it broke down and has bee at the engineers for repair but they can't find the problem it intermittently shuts down we all thought it was the heat as it's been unusually...
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    Glen Rose videos

    Hi i'm trying to contact Mr Rose to purchase the Ukulele package he's offering for $129 on his website but the email address he has put doesn't seem to work at least on my computer i wonder if anybody here has a alternative way of contacting him ? Regards Dave