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    Weissenborn stle 1 soprano plans

    Weissenborn style 1 soprano plans Anyone know where I can obtain a set of plans to reproduce the Style 1 Weissenborn Soprano Uke? I will donate blood (Type B-) Thanks
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    Weissenborn plans

    Does anybody possess (or can direct me to) a copy of the Soprano and/or Concert plans for a Weissenborn Uke? David
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    RISA Stick Soprano VS Concert VS Tenor

    I am about to purchase a RISA Solid (Stick). Other than for "size" reasons alone, why would I choose one size over another? Is there any difference in how they “sound”? (As there is with acoustic built Ukuleles) As far as transport.... they are all tiny and fit in a carry-on. So if there is...
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    FS. ONO Concert Pineapple Ukulele

    FS: ONO Concert Pineapple Ukulele For Sale is an Ono Concert Pineapple Ukulele custom built by the very talented David Ingalls. This instrument is #37 as seen on I presently own 12 ukuleles, and this one is easily one of my favorites. Construction is all...
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    FS: Mango Flea (Soprano) with PEGHEAD Tunners

    For Sale. A Mango Flea Soprano with PEGHEAD tuners. The instrument sounds wonderful, and the PEGHEAD tuner upgrade makes a world of difference in the ease of tuning. I love it. Excellent condition. Reason for selling: Girlfriend just bought me a RISA Stick, so I now have a new designated...
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    All You Ken Timms Owners - STRINGS ??

    I have recently received my Ken Timms Soprano Uke. Wow is it loud!...................almost uncomfortable. It came with Aquilas. To all you owners of this marvelous instrument, what has been your experience as to the best matching strings? I think I need to make a change.
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    What type PONO Gloss

    Question: What type of finish does Pono use on their gloss instruments?
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    Fret Crowning Mania

    I am in the elementary phases of my uke building hobby, and have been researching fret crowning devices ad nauseum. There are very few optimally sized fret crowning files for Ukuleles. Some of you like the Stewmac two sided fret file, while others like the 3 in 1 Gurian style fret file. Then...
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    New Jig on New Stewmac Website

    Stewmac just released their beautiful new website. Here is a new item on this site that I have never seen before (from them) , with an accompanying video. A penny for your thoughts !
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    Luthier's Friend Sanding Station

    Stew-Mac just sent out an e-blast on this. Can I have some of your thoughts on the usability of this item? Thanks
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    I just came across a ridiculously large amount of olivewood. Would this be good tone wood? (for ukes............not for flutes!) Would it work for soundboard tops?...........for sides and backs? Or should I rather enter a massive jewelery box or kazoo making hobby?:)
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    Reccomend Hardwood Supplier (NYC)

    Could someone recommend a good hardwood supplier within a 1 hour radius from NYC ? Thanks
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    Original Martin Plans

    Does anyone know where I can obtain ORIGINAL Martin Style 0 plans for Tenor and/or Soprano. I am more than happy to pay for them.......................but I would like to have the original U.S. plans (Not the newer Mexico Plans). Thanks for your help.
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    Practice in finishing

    I am new to wood working in general, and lutherie in particular. I plan to experiment and practice different finishing techniques on lots of scrap wood that I will purchase tomorrow. The question............ if I am looking to see a staining effect on mahogany, must I use a solid mahogany...