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  • Hey,

    My cigar box is being built by Russ Sonny Kemner. Its the same guy that built Dominic's! He is great! Keeps you in the loop on everything!

    Thanks for the good word. I've got to admit that I absolutely hate to work on my website! If ever I could push myself away from the work bench I keep telling myself I need to revamp the entire site. I'm a Mac guy but my website program isn't compatible so I've got to borrow someone's PC and fumble about on that old clunker. I have a lot more photos that I had planned to post that day and maybe someday I will get to it.
    Glad you're enjoying the uke. I should've put a hinge on the neck to make it more portable for you........
    What was I thinking? If you want to try it out and compare it to a Koaloha Super concert or a tenor Fluke, let me know.
    I have another one on order -that's how I feel about it. I think my Koalohas are probably better but because the side port blasts the sound right into my chest, I think it's easier for me to sing. I know Adelle really loves hers.

    The one on Shawn's website is a front port. The sound will be slightly different according to Shawn but only very slightly. The sound also goes out instead of up.

    Call Shawn. He's really cool and he'll tell you everything you want to know about it and will also tell you what he thinks about it compared to other ukes.
    Correct in that I build. As for `ukulele, I build for myself, and mostly sell through MGM. He usually has a standing order - we're between builds right now.

    I've posted some pics of my work in the uke p*** thread, and I have a photobucket account with some pics (of all things, Kekani427).

    As for building an `ukulele, pm me if you're serious, and we can go from there.

    If you want to see some of my artwork (inlay), KoAloha's gallery has some old stuff that I did for them. I just finished one for John Kitakis (Ko`olau `Ukulele), with 4 more in the works. I'll be starting work with another VERY well respected custom builder (or should I say company).

    Ha ha! Thanks for the kind words! It's actually based on a true story that happened to me and my family.

    The final chapters will be posted on Halloween! :)
    We've been in Indiana for the Bean Blossom Blues Fest, with no cell or internet because we were so isolated in the woods. Now we're in Florida, and our boat in is Puerto Rico, in a fairly well-protected marina.
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