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  • Happy Birthday Dom, may you have a wonderful day with family and friends close to your heart....:)
    Dom, it was great to meet you too! I had a great time, and really enjoyed listening to you play.
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday, Happy birthday
    Happy birthday to you!

    Was I in key?
    hey dominator, do u have piano forte by jake Shimabukuro tabs? if you do can u send them to me? thanks
    Do you really have the tabs to " blue roses are falling " by jake? if so, can i please send me them? please and thank you. xD
    Hey dominator, I know you are getting asked a lot, but do you by chance haev the tab for blue roses falling by jake shimabukuro, and if you do, would you mind sending to to me? Gracias amigo
    Hi Dominator, thanks for being my UU friend! :) I know one day our performing will cross paths and our little friends will have a great conversation together. Till then, Aloha and Happy Strumming!:)
    Hi, i've been searching the forum for jake shimabukuro's "Blue Roses" and people have been saying that you have it, is it possible if i can have it? thanks
    Got your package in the mail yesterday, THANK YOU! You should be receiving mine today or tomorrow.
    Thank you again Dominator and hope to see you soon bro. -Cheers

    p.s. Bought a Tenor Mahogany Mainland w/ slotted headstock from Mike last Sunday. Had him put the MiSi in it for me, should arrive at my door tomorrow! X)
    Hi Dominator, i've been searching the forums and many people have told me that you can help me out.
    I've been searching for the tabs "Blue Roses Falling by Jake Shimabukuro". Can you by any chance, provide the tabs for that song?
    Much Appreciated, Thanks.
    eh dominator! a lil birdy told me that you may have tabs for blue roses falling? any chance you could help a brudda out?
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