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  • hey there good sir,
    i was curious to know if you had any interest in possibly doing a collab of some sort. unfortunately my knowledge of video editing is far inferior to yours, but if you ever get super bored and want do do one, let me know! :)
    Just a reminder. Island Bazaar is having a Jam tonight (Thursday), 6:30-8:30. $5 at the door. 16582 Gothard, between Warner and Heil.
    hey you! There is a brotherhood of the traveling ukulele. Ask deach where it is. Last time I heard he was supposed to be sending it out and about.
    Hows California treating you?
    Hope your getting setteled niceley!
    We want more YT videos! :)
    Hey! Hello! Glad you're all right. Good to hear from you. Get settled and come back. You are missed.
    Tonight from 3 to 9 is the Tuesday Street Fair, Main Street and PCH. They have scheduled performers. You can ask at the info booth to get on the list, but my band only been scheduled once in three months. They tend to like the one guy one guitar type of act, so you might have better luck.

    As far as just playing down by the pier, I've never tried. They used to have a drum circle that met down there every Friday, and they had complaints but I think they're still gathering. For the month of August the Thursday Night Uke Jam from Island Bazaar meets there and plays, you'll have to join us. We get permission, but we're a large gathering. City Hall is located at Main and Yorktown if you are inclined to ask about busking, but as we all know sometimes it's better not to. Let me know if you find out anything. I've been threatening my kids I was going to drop them down there with their instruments and battery powered amps so they could help pay the rent.
    No way, you're in HB? This is too cool. Yes, I know right where you are. You must join us at Island Bazaar. Uke Jam is from 6:30 to 8:30 on Thursday nights. Island Bazaar is not far from you. Its at 16582 Gothard between Warner and Heil. $5. at the door. It's a group of really cool people, usually 40 to 60 people show up and Shirley the owner is great.

    Hey, if you don't have plans this Saturday, my band is playing at Catalina Fish Kitchen at 6:30. It's located at 19171 Magnolia between Garfield and Yorktown. The restaurant is very casual, with good reasonably priced food beer and wine.

    It will be great to meet you!
    Nope, no cam yet! I was suppose to get one from work but my co-worker and I kept rescheduling our lunch date and I haven't seen her. I tried using my camera and it sucks for video. One of these days I'll get it done! I sent you a friend request on myspace, not facebook.
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