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    Risa electric ukes

    Good Public Service Announcement. They are a great instrument, I owned one for a couple years. Back then I wasn’t really into the steel string sound and eventually sold it. But they are a top shelve high quality instrument and the person I sold it to loves it.
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    I have a few plastic ukes and as others have mentioned they are great to keep in the car and not worry about weather changes. I also am into Bikepacking and cycle touring and being able to bring one along and play around the campfire beside my tent is wonderful.
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    1/4" scale length difference v string tension

    Exactly what he said, even the shape and depth of the neck effects mechanical leverage. I have a number of tenors with the same strings and low actions but one plays easier then the others.
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    NGD - Bird Bird

    That’s has a nice full sound with good bass for a smaller guitar. I like the sound and very nice playing on your part too. Enjoy it
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    NUD: EJ Henderson, Red Spruce and Maple Tenor

    That is an absolutely beautiful instrument, the high quality craftsmanship really shines through. Congratulations it’s sounds as great as it looks, it’s really a special piece. Her father Wayne Henderson is a very highly regarded and sought after luthier, she has learned from the best
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    Best GCEA strings for longneck/long-scale/super tenor?

    A 19” scale instrument can require some string experimentation to get the right feel and sound. Going down in gauge, ie a concert string gives less tension and usually a brighter sound. But you have to make sure they are long enough in length. My 19” tenor is strung low G with wound G and C...
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    Anyone play nylon guitar over a steel string?

    I have two nylon string guitars (sorry Merlin666 but old names die hard, lol) and I enjoy the sound of them for a change in tone. It’s kind like playing a large baritone ukulele with two extra strings. I know, I know……it’s not really like that but close enough
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    Low G on soprano

    I think that Anuenue would sound good with the cedar top in low G. I have tried a few of my sopranos in low G and a softwood top (spruce or cedar) seem to give best results. I also strongly prefer a wound low G string as the more chimey sound helps. I find florocarbon low G on the small scale...
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    NGD - Bird Bird

    Congratulations, those small Anuenue guitars are really sweet. The salted maple rosette is classy. All the small guitars I own have a brighter tone then the big guys. Your Taylor 310 being a dreadnaught would definitely pump out the bass notes. Enjoy your new guitar
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    String-through bridge

    I have done this conversion as well, but not for the issue you have. I don’t think the tension of a nylon string would be enough to pull the top up to close the gap at the bridge. You would need to do it to find out for sure.
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    Brooks England Koa Wood Bicycle Saddle :)

    I am a Brooks convert and have the B17 carved in “Koa”. I also have the B17 in “Ebony”. Yes they certainly open up with time
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    Strap Pros and Cons?

    I have a strap on everyone of my ukuleles, it helps me play better. I love all the “it’s a crutch, it’s non-traditional, it’s for beginner, learn how to play without one” arguments!!! The three best ukulele players in the world, Jake, Daniel Ho and James Hill all use a strap. Anybody wanna...
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    Used Kamaka Tenor - Should the fretboard be Flat?

    Steel string acoustic and nylon string guitars have fretboards that bow away from the strings. This allows the strings to oscillate and not hit the fretboard. Because the scale length of guitars is so much longer this feature is more pronounced. Some ukulele builders incorporate this feature...
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    Measuring string gauge?

    Old dial calipers. They still work are still accurate and I am comfortable with them, been with me about 30 years
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    A stupid question about straps.

    I use a strap on every uke I own. I keep the straps on at all times. If putting the uke in a hard case I remove the strap from the neck and lay it flat with the leather end into the headstock well. See pictures below. Sorry about the upside down picture, crazy iPad :confused: