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  • Dr. Bekken, Thank you so much for the CD. I love your piano playing. It is beautiful music. What a wonderful surprise.
    Tor -

    Dr. Bekken and the Uke is an absolutely wonderful album. I got it last week, and driving back from Pennsylvania, I listened to it straight through twice. It was just completely joyous experience. Thanks for the great interpretations of the classics.


    Our contact page on the website has all that stuff. We actually live in Mandeville across the Lake. Today we are starting to asses the cleanup from Tropical Strom Lee (it's still spitting a bit at the moment).

    Sounds like you already know a bunch of people here, but I'd love to meet you and introduce you to some more!
    Awesome CDs doc. Some of the tastiest blues piano I've ever heard. Cheers mate!
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