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    What's wrong with Kiwaya?

    Good Gawd Yaw!!! Absolutey Nothing!!! Hope this came out. Ordered this beauty from Japan last Thursday from Ukulele Mania in Japan. Arrived this morning!
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    Any Trade Interest for a Couple of My Higher End Tenors?

    Hello UU Members, I have a semi custom Kamaka tenor; Spruce top; Koa b/s; ebony fretboard, bridge and head plate; and a Kamaka factory installed pick-up- or I also have a Koolau custom 100-SP tenor with upgrade woods of walnut b/s, head plate, figured Redwood top; Ebony pin bridge and fretboard...
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter and happy uking to everyone!!!
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    WTT: custom Ko'olau 100 SP tenor for Kiwaya Master Series tenor

    Hello UU Members, I am offering my custom 100-SP Ko'olau tenor for a Kiwaya Master Series tenor if anyone is interested. The Specs are as follows: Woods were upgraded Nicely figured Redwood top Nicely figured Walnut back and sides and walnut veneer head plate Koa top binding and rope design on...
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    Trade Interest for Semi Custom Kamaka Tenor or Boat Paddle Baritone for...

    If anyone is interested I have the following ukes I would consider for trade: Kamaka HF3 tenor semi custom;spruce top, Kamaka factory installed pick up; ebony fretboard, bridge, head plate or: Boat Paddle 5 string baritone; cedar top, narra b/s, MISI pick-up, maple fretboard and bridge, D body...
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    WTB or Trade for David Newton concert Mahogany

    If anyone has a David Newton concert size mahogany uke to sale or trade for equal value let let me know. If interested in a trade I have many nice ukes that may be of interest. Thanks for looking. Email: dwsum at
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    Trade semi custom Kamaka tenor for Kiwaya tenor

    I have become a Kiwaya fan. I have a semi-custom Kamaka I would be willing to trade for the right Kiwaya tenor or KMS-K soprano. The specs on the Kamaka are as follows: Koa back and sides Spruce top Ebony fretboard, bridge, and head plate Kamaka factory installed pick-up The Kamaka is as new...
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    Trade Interest For My Semi Custom Kamaka HF 3 for baritone

    I have offered this before for trade, lot of interest but nothing has tripped my trigger. It is virtually as new as when I ordered from the Kamaka factory. I prefer baritone, concert or soprano size and I already have a superb William King tenor. The specs on this Kamaka is tenor, ebony...
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    Checking for trade of my new gibson j35 for a uke....

    Hello, Well I use to be a bad guitar player and got into ukes a few years back and haven't looked back and now I just transferred to a bad uke player (close to 30 to 40 ukes now) I am pulling the trigger on retirement this year so I decided to get a couple of guitars a few months back for a just...
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    Checking any trade interest for semi custom Kamaka HF-3 for Larrivee

    I have a semi custom tenor Kamaka HF-3 that I bought directly from the Kamaka factory and is in as new condition as from the factory when sent to me that I am interested in trade for equal value (I paid I believe was around $1575) The specs are: Koa back and sides, ebony finger board, bridge...
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    Checking interest Trade for Kamaka HF-3 semi custom

    Hello, I am considering/ checking if anyone would interested in trading for my semi custom Kamaka HF-3 tenor for possibly a nice baritone or a Compass Rose. I ordered the Kamaka direct from the factory. It has Koa b/s, spruce top, ebony fretboard, bridge, and head plate with a factory...
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    WTB or trade for a concert Fluke Abstract Design

    Hello, Looking to buy a concert Fluke Abstract design with a rosewood fretboard or will consider a trade for an Island soprano with flamed koa top, back and sides and ebony fretboard and bridge (you would be hard pressed to find a ding). If interested, contact me at Thanks, David
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    WTB concert Fluke Abstract Design

    If anyone has one, preferably with rosewood fretboard and wanting to sell let me know. Thanks, David
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    Does the UAS Ever End- What's Your stash?

    1. Mainland mahogany pineapple, 2.Tangi mahogany concert, 3. Flea mahogany concert, 4. Flea Koa concert with KK pu (probably the most beautiful top you have seen on a Flea), 5. Flea Pastachio concert with KK pu- all fleas are rosewood fretboards, 6. Island flamed Koa soprano w/ebonyfretboard, 7...