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    Looking for Milo

    Anyone know who I can contact or where I could find some Milo. I'd like to find a set of Milo with sapwood for a Tenor (back & sides). I am planning to partner that up with a fantastic sinker redwood. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Dennis Kim
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    New John S. Kinnard Tenor Brazilian Rosewood/Bearclaw Sitka Spruce (First set of pics

    This review is a little delinquent. I had meant to post this review last week but my work schedule got a bit hectic and this is the first chance that I've had some time to collect my thoughts. I previously posted a few pics of this ukulele while it was in production, and will post the final...
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    Sad Day in San Diego for the Ukulele Community: The Passing of Auntie Maelani Wilcox

    Just heard this morning of the passing of Auntie Maelani Wilcox. Apparently she passed on to be with our Lord sometime last week (that is all of the information that I have at this moment). She will be greatly missed. For those of you who may not know, she was my inspiration, she also...
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    John S. Kinnard Brazilian Rosewood/ Sitka Bearclaw Spruce Tenor

    On a previous post I mentioned that I had commissioned John S. Kinnard to build a Brazilian Rosewood/Sitka Bearclaw Spruce Tenor for me. Well work has started. I will post the specifics later on this thread, but I wanted to post the pictures that I just received from Kevin Beddoe.
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    So nice to be in San Diego, CA

    It is so nice to live here in San Diego. Not only because of the weather, forget the fires every few years, but because there are 2 premier ukulele luthiers that reside here!!! Pepe Romero and John S. Kinnard:shaka: In my personal stable of ukuleles I have a 12 fret all Koa Pepe Romero Tenor...
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    Boat Paddle custom uke reviews - please reply with your personal experiences was my choosing. I had almost everything that could conceivably be added on to the basic Kayak model to make it my "Bling instrument". Here take a sounds as wonderful as it looks.
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    Boat paddle review thread in Buying Tips forum

    I had my "Bling" ukulele made by Jerry. I posted a few pictures a couple of weeks ago but have not had the chance to do a complete review with a sound sample. Like you i ordered this baby without ever having played a Boat Paddle. I have no regrets!!! Jerry was very easy to work with and was...
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    NUD "Boat Paddle Kayak Tenor": Here are my pics

    Second sete of pictures
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    NUD "Boat Paddle Kayak Tenor": Here are my pics

    First set of pictures Can't figure out how to get these pictures to post in a larger size
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    NUD "Boat Paddle Kayak Tenor"

    Well after a few weeks of waiting and anticipation my custom BP Tenor Kayak arrived yesterday. As UPS would have it, they made me wait till early evening before dropping it off at my doorstep. With nervous anticipation I opened the box and beheld a beautifully made instrument!!! Everything I...
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    My "bling" Boat Paddle Quilted Mahogany Tenor is done!!!

    Just received these pictures of my completed ukulele from Jerry Hoffmann at Boat Paddle Ukuleles. He will ship it to next Monday after giving it a few days for the strings to settle in. LOL, the days are going to be long while waiting for it. I'll post more pics after it arrives...enjoy View...
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    Advise needed: E & A string plays sharp up the fretboard

    Don't know if anyone else has encountered a similar problem or if this subject may have been previously discussed. I have a 14 fret Compass Rose Sycamore Satin Finish jumbo Tenor ukulele. All string will hold their tune Low G, CEA. I have noticed that both the E as well as the A string will...
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    Latest update on my Custom Boat Paddle Tenor Kayak

    As you all know I am having a Boat Paddle Tenor Kayak being built by Jerry Hoffman. Here is what it looks like after the glossy finish was sprayed on. Now another 3 weeks of curing. Anticipation!!!!
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    Succumbed to UAS

    Many of you know that I have a Custom Boat Paddle Kayak Tenor being built and almost completed. Well while in Hawaii the other week I stopped by HMS and fell in LOVE. She sounded sooooo sweet and like a siren called out to me. It was as if she was created just for me. How did the luthier...
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    Custom Boat Paddle kayak update

    Here are the latest pictures of custom Boat Paddle Kayak Tenor. Can't wait until it is finally done. The glossy finish will be sprayed on this week then another 3 weeks to cure.
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