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    UU in Baltimore on the 6th: meet up?

    I didnt have my camera with me but i took these pics with my phone. the first pic is aldrine and ryan about to play the second pic is deach sitting by the book case, hard to see him he kind of blends in The last pic is Victoria Vox sorry they are so small, i had to master reset my phone and...
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    Island Love by the Peter Moon Band

    Anyone know where i might find some cords, tabs, and strum pattern for this song? Any help would be great! :shaka:
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    Never Forget where im From

    Does anyone have the cords or tabs for the song "Never forget where i'm from" by Justin Young. It makes we want to head to the islands! Any help would be great! :shaka:
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    Solid Electric ukes?

    Whats up UU family? So i've come to the conclusion that only way i'll be able to play the uke and sit in the same room as my wife while she watches tv is with a soild electric uke. This way i can plug the head phones in and she cant hear a thing. My birthday is coming up in June so i wanna put...
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    Formula 1 Fans?

    Seeing as this site contains uke players from around the world i was wondering if we had any F1 fans like myself.:anyone: Man talk about a crazy start to the 09' season! :wallbash:
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    Uu Pic?

    So i've been on here since July and i've yet to add a pic to my name. Some of you have self pics some have pics of whatever. what would you say would be a good pic to start out with or is the pic even necessary? I want to but not sure where to start?
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    Whats your Aumakua?

    Hey guys just wondering whats everyones aumakua since we have many hawaiians on here. Mine is the owl.
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    Uke take over!

    So a friend had a stock the bar party for his birthday last night since he just bought a new house. Well my fellow uke playing friend and his father (old school uke player) showed up holding their ukes and i just so happened to have mine in the car. We Kinda took over the party and had a jam...
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    GT 5 or 4 players?

    Just wondering if there are any Gran Tourismo players on UU. I'm currently stuck with GT 4 till i can afford a new tv thats worth buying a PS3 for and GT 5. I do however have the latest Logitech Driving Force GT wheel. makes gaming much more fun.